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Soundpools & Media PackagesSoundpools & Media Packages

Soundpools & media packages

Expand your creative possibilities with extensive sound and media packages containing thousands of high-quality samples for music software and tons of design elements for video editing. Get more out of your songs and videos!

Soundpools & media packages overview:


MAGIX Soundpool DVD Collection 21

MAGIX Soundpool DVD Collection 21 offers more than 6 GB of new sound material from many different genres.

From loops for drum & bass or hip hop to samples from funk, metal and film music: This high-end sound library offers creative minds loads of inspiration for professional music production.


MAGIX Video & Slideshow Sound Archive 8

Quickly and easily enhance your videos, slideshows and all other media projects with perfect sounds in professional audio quality. Take your viewers on a journey to faraway lands, amazing new places or a fantasy adventure.

Over 3000 professionally produced sounds, realistic effects, atmospheres and exciting music tracks provide everything you need to make your special moments even more unforgettable. And the best part is, all the sounds are completely royalty and license free.


MAGIX Soundpool DVD Collection 20

MAGIX Soundpool DVD Collection 20 for PC and Mac is the ultimate sound library for creating amazing music projects, remixes and all kinds of audio productions.

Over 8000 studio quality sounds & loops for all possible genres ensure an unparalleled sound experience!


MAGIX Soundpool DVD Collection 19

MAGIX Soundpool DVD collection 19 features incredible sounds for awesome music productions, incredible remixes and amazing video sound editing.

This ultimate sound library includes more than 6 GB of authentic sounds & loops from all musical genres and can be installed on both PC and Mac.


MAGIX Soundpool DVD Collection 18

MAGIX Soundpool DVD Collection 18 is the newest collection of high-quality sounds and loops produced in professional studio quality that can be used for music productions, video dubbing, remixes, podcasts, etc.

This vast sound archive with more than 6000 authentic samples covers virtually all music genres and is the ideal add-on for any music software.


MAGIX Soundpool DVD Collection 17

MAGIX Soundpool DVD Collection 17 is a giant collection of the MAGIX Soundpool series and supports your music projects with the latest sounds & loops from popular music genres!

This huge, 6 GB sound archive includes professionally produced, studio-quality audio material and is the perfect add-on for any music software (Mac & PC).


MAGIX Best of Soundpool DVD Collection

MAGIX Best of Soundpool DVD Collection is a compilation of the best sounds and loops from previous Soundpool collections.

Discover a unique sound archive including the most popular samples from the successful Soundpool series. First-class sounds in impressive quality, ideal for music production, remixing, DJ sets, websites and much more.


MAGIX Soccer & Sports Media Package

The Soccer & Sports Media Package features an endless selection of professionally designed templates for any multimedia project.

More than 3 gigabytes! Sounds, music, background images, menu templates, videos and much more – soccer-themed, but also for many other sports. Go on a unique audio-visual discovery tour through the world of sports.


MAGIX Photo & Videoshow Sound Archive

The perfect addition to your photos, video shows and all other media projects that you have created with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, for example, or MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD and other photo and video programs.

The best of collection: we have selected the nicest sounds and songs from 6 years of soundpool and have added many new effects and background music. This way, you have access to the best dubbing archive of all times for your photos and video shows.


Photo & Videoshow PREMIUM SOUNDS 5

The complete dubbing package: MAGIX Photo & Videoshow PREMIUM SOUNDS 5 is an ideal complement for MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD, and other photo & video programs.

With MAGIX Video & Slideshow Soundpool 5 you can draw from a giant archive of brilliant sounds, realistic effects and complete music compositions created by successful movie producers and sound specialists.


MAGIX Photo & Videoshow Holiday Pack

No matter where your travels take you: With the MAGIX Photo and Videoshow Holiday Pack, all of your photograph and movie memories will be even more impressive.

Refine your presentations with professional extras: Spectacular DVD menus, sounds, start and end credits, and many more exclusive templates make your holiday photos and recordings the way they should be – simply unforgettable!


MAGIX Sound Essentials Volume 6

MAGIX Sound Essentials Volume 6 offers high quality audio material of the luxury class for any music production, the perfect remix, convincing DJ sets, websites, video dubbing and more.

Over 6000 sound files directly from the studios of internationally successful star producers stand out thanks to their authentic sound design and top quality.


MAGIX Sound Essentials Volume 5

Perfect sounds. Perfect music.

With the new sounds chosen for MAGIX Sound Essentials Volume 5 you can create entire music productions, perfect remixes, ready-to-go DJ sets, and impressive video scores. Each and every sample has been produced by top musicians and internationally successful producers.

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