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Page & Layout Designer 10

Design template sets

Design template sets

Choose from many completely customizable design template sets for various industries and occasions. A set consists of templates for flyers, business cards, and stationary in the same design. This gives everything a cohesive look.

Thanks to the new Online Content Catalog, you can now find the right template for your project even quicker.

Advanced options for text layouts

Advanced options for text layout

Text can be formatted just like in a regular text editing program. Customize line height and line spacing, for example, or let the text flow around shapes or extend over several pages.

Larger selection of fonts

There are also many fonts available from the Google Fonts library. You will therefore find the perfect font for your business.

Uniquely designed bullet points

Spice up your text with your family crest, company logo, or other graphics. Transform long, tedious lists into interesting, eye-catching displays.

Spell checker

Find and correct any mistakes quickly and easily with the integrated spell checker.

Quick formatting for text

Quick formatting for text

Set up a specific format for headers or text blocks or use the text styles. This format can easily be applied to other text areas, allowing you to create a document with a uniform appearance.

Flowing text around shapes

Flowing text around shapes

The "Flowing Text" feature simplifies the process of designing documents. Just place the elements and images anywhere you want and the text automatically flows around the object. This also makes it quick and easy to create round text flows that are otherwise time-consuming and complicated.

Layout features

Intuitive page layout

Documents will print just as you designed them. Customize text, images, and graphics directly in the program. You can position all items by clicking and dragging. Enlarge and reduce objects without experiencing any loss in quality (non destructive).

Quickly arrange objects

Dynamic Snap lines show you the corner points of existing objects and the center of the page when placing your content. You can magnetically dock items to these lines and then align them with pixel precision.

Automatically replicate elements

You can select all items, such as texts, images, and graphics, as live object copies. These items will then be repeated in the same position on all pages. Changes to a copy of the object will be automatically implemented to all other objects. This allows you to create multi-page documents quickly.

Image optimization, illustration & graphic design

Quick image optimization

Quick image optimization

The integrated image editing feature allows you to get the best out of your photos quickly and easily. Optimize brightness, contrast, and color with just a couple of clicks.

Graphic tools

Graphic tools

You can easily create impressive logos, illustrations, decorative elements, etc. for your designs with the tools for shadows, transparency effects, and gradients.

3D design

3D design

Turn text, shapes, graphics, and photos into impressive 3D objects – including natural light reflexes, shadows and lots of detailed settings options.

Intelligente Farbgebung

Intelligent coloration

Want your flyer to be entirely blue, or maybe green? - Just try it out!

Change the color of entire documents in just a few clicks with the help of fill colors and linked colors.

Smart Shapes

Creating your own graphics is now even easier than before. The new Smart Shapes can be easily edited with special handles. This way you can edit the thickness and curvature of an arrow or the form of a speech bubble.

Professional workflow & high-quality output

High-quality photo albums

High-quality photo albums

Are you looking for a unique and personal photo book to effectively present your work portfolio or recent club activities? Design high-quality photo albums however you want: Set the format, select your pictures, add text, and have them printed for a low price – that's all there is to it.



Color systems for professional printing

Do you want to assign exact print colors? Then you can use the CMYK, HSV, or Pantone color systems for professional printing. These ensure that you get the exact colors you want.

Data exchange with PDF/X support

Use standardized PDF/X files to accurately send your files to the print shop. Texts, images, and colors will then be printed exactly as you had planned on the computer.

Better overview with the page and layer gallery

The Page and Layer Gallery is the central location for managing your projects. Now you can select pages or layers and move, copy, cut, or integrate them in other projects.

Import all your content

Xara Page & Layout Designer 10 supports all relevant formats that you may need. For example, simply import your Word document, your photos, and even raw data formats directly from your camera.

List of supported file formats