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Photo Manager 16 Deluxe


Import from camera, scanner or PC

MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe automatically finds pictures on your PC and allows you to import from your scanner or direct from your camera. Files that have already been imported are automatically skipped.

Format variety, including RAW files

View photos and RAW files from over 590 camera models.

Supported image formats: JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PSD, PNG, TGA etc.

Video formats

The new Photo Manager includes support for .mp4 and .mov video formats and for AVCHD with Windows 8 and higher.

It helps you bring order to your photos and videos.

Virtual albums
Virtual albums

Save space and have the right selection ready for any occasion.

Virtual albums allow you to assign the same picture to several collections without having to save the image to the hard drive several times.

Intelligent Selection Wizard

The Selection Wizard uses innovative image analysis to sort out poor shots, duplicates and blurry photos.

You can also specify the number of photos to select, for instance.

Save additional information

In order to help you quickly find images and never forget important facts, you can easily add meta data to your images: name, rating, experience, location, etc.

Automatic categorization

Save yourself the trouble of manually assigning categories to your photos. The program analyzes image contents such as forms and colors to automatically categorize your photos.


Find duplicates

Save storage space on your PC and organize your photo collection better by deleting duplicates. The program runs a detailed analysis of image contents, such as color and forms, to find similar photos.


Face recognition (FaceID)

The automatic face recognition feature detects faces and allows you to assign names to them, so you can find photos of specific people or groups.


Combined search

Find the photos you are searching for in record time, no matter which folder they are saved in.

For instance, open all the pictures from last year's vacation that were taken on the beach.


Automatic backup copies

Optionally, your personal Photo Manager can regularly remind you about backup copies. You can then burn photos you haven't already backed up to CD or DVD.

Password protection

Protect your data from unwanted access with a password.

This is highly recommended when exchanging your images over the Internet.

Registry restore feature

Recover accidentally deleted files.

Photo Manager automatically backs up your image database, allowing you to easily recover your images.


Optimized workflow
Optimized workflow

A completely redesigned user interface with optional dark and light color schemes.

Enables you to edit your photos more quickly and efficiently.

Quick image optimization
Quick image optimization

Optimize brightness, contrast, color, and sharpness with just a couple of clicks.

You can also easily remove red eyes and cut your images.

Photo effects
Photo effects

Use the tilt-shift effect to create enchanting miniature landscapes.

The filter package also includes Lomo effect, Color Splash, Drawing and Little Planet.

Panorama montages
Panorama montages

Put panoramas together by combining up to eight individual images. Photos are aligned and transitions are added automatically.

Perspective correction tool
Perspective correction tool

Avoid leaning buildings. Correct perspective distortions with just one click.

Level horizon
Level horizon

Straighten your photos easily. All you need to do is drag a line along the horizon. That's it!

Batch processing

You can easily optimize and change file names, dates, etc. from several photos at the same time.


Save your individual settings for image quality, your camera model and special lighting conditions as a template.

Lossless image editing

In the non-destructive FX mode, the original versions of your images remain untouched, allowing you to safely experiment.


Interactive presentation mode

Display your photos with music and effects, such as zooms and tracking shots. The mouse "laser pointer" is ideal for pointing out details during presentations.

Additional slideshow templates

You can find photo material with different themes, animations, background music and sound effects in the Catooh Online Media Catalog. More info

MAGIX Slideshow Maker 2

Create your own slideshows with impressive transition effects which you can upload directly to YouTube etc. or burn to CD/DVD.

Travel route animation
Travel route animation

Use the improved travel route animation and online world maps to show the most important highlights of your vacation.

Read GPS data

One click is all it takes to display pictures with GPS coordinates on a map.

Various viewing modes

Adjust the display of your images any way you want – a framing grid with or without text, film strip, with all details or as a simple list.

Automatic sharpening

Image sharpness can be automatically optimized in display mode and you can choose between different degrees of sharpness correction: slight, medium or strong.

Share with friends

Share your most beautiful moments on Flickr. And archiving your recordings to CD or DVD is no problem at all.