Sequoia 14 – the latest version of the of the high definition DAW Sequoia is here!


MAGIX releases the 14th version of the high definition DAW, Sequoia. With various new features in areas of editing and hardware support, the release is specifically attuned to the needs of big-studio audio and broadcast engineers.

For decades, the high definition DAW Sequoia 14 has been the gold standard for audio production, broadcasting and mastering in the high-end segment. The software has a following among international artists  and can boast partnerships with broadcasters around the world spanning many years.

The latest version specifically focuses on strengthening the core area of editing. The award-winning Melodyne plug-in is now directly built into Sequoia via the ARA and the plug-in from Celemony is automatically included in the essential version. And thanks to significant collaboration between the host and client, additional professional functions such as tempo automations and audio-to-MIDI direct are available as well.

Another permanent component of Sequoia 14 is the SpectraLayers Pro 4 spectral editor. The software continuously sets new standards with its unique layer-based concept for working with frequencies. In international film studios, the editor has long been considered a standard in the area of audio restoration and sound design, complementing the high demands of engineers in the area of spectral editing.

Highlights for mixing and broadcast include seamless and optimized cooperation of Sequoia and Pro Tools | S6 Controller. The DAW and the high-end mixer from AVIDR work together using precisely calibrated EUCON protocols – this means that Sequoia can also be controlled using the iOS app developed by AVID.

The latest release underscores MAGIX's high ambitions in the audio field following successful acquisition of several Sony Creative Software products including SOUND FORGE and the ACID series. Following SpectraLayers Pro 4, the Music Maker free version, and SOUND FORGE Pro MAC, Sequoia 14 is already the fourth audio release in the last six months. Additional versions of SOUND FORGE are to follow later this year.