MAGIX Audio Cleaner Pro for Mac OS X

MAGIX ProAudio Technology - exclusively for Mac OS X: Efficient sound optimization with the new MAGIX Audio Cleaner Pro


With their new program, Audio Cleaner Pro, MAGIX is zeroing in on OS X users who want to optimize their audio material quickly and easily without having to compromise on professionalism. Any audio material can be cleaned up no matter if it is on vinyls, cassettes or speech recordings, music or live recordings. Unwanted noise can be removed easily, both manually or automatically.

MAGIX Audio Cleaner Pro is based on the professional audio technology found in Samplitude and Sequoia, programs used worldwide by top sound engineers, producers and radio stations. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of professional audio MAGIX has, for the first time, combined innovative ProAudio Technology with intuitive design, exclusively for OS X. This allows users to customize their recordings and audio files exactly according to their requirements. Featuring more than 250 sound optimization and restoration 250 presets to give users a helping hand. The automatic Cleaning and Step-by-Step modes are on hand to eliminate noise interference and to master audio files.

After the editing stage audio material can be saved in a range of formats and used for other audio or video projects or transferred to Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iPod.

MAGIX Audio Cleaner Pro is now exclusively available for OS X (version 10.6 upwards) in stores and online, priced £39.99.

Christian Hellinger, Vice President Audio MAGIX: "We're pleased to be able to support this platform and meet the increasing demand from OS X users with our first release, MAGIX Audio Cleaner Pro. We have successfully applied our 20 year pro audio expertise to develop an intuitive and user friendly Mac application, which guarantees users the highest level of sound quality."

MAGIX Audio Cleaner functions at a glance:

  • Remove noise and restore songs: Remove popping, crackling, scratching, hissing and humming
  • More than 250 presets: Save time using automatic sound optimization
  • Fully automatic Cleaning and Step-by-Step modes: Quick and easy sound cleaning
  • Convenient recording and editing: Create, cut and edit professional recordings
  • High-quality tools for audio optimization: 10-Band equalizer, parametric EQ, brilliance enhancer, DeNoiser
  • Direct spectral cleaning: Precise detection and removal of noise
  • Professional mastering tools: Give your audio files that final polish
  • Turbo Tape: Digitize and restore your cassette recordings with high-speed dubbing