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Digital DJ 2

Music recommendations based on sound

MAGIX Digital DJ 2 Mufin Technology

Music recommendations based on sound

With its mufin technology, MAGIX Digital DJ 2 offers a unique function that helps select just the right songs! Once the sound of a track has been analyzed, Digital DJ will recommend matching songs from your music library.

Mufin technology

The mufin technology analyzes the audio characteristics of music on your hard drive. New music that fits well with the current song is suggested to be played. All tracks found are listed and sorted according to similarity.

Full control when Dj'ing

Pitch feature

The pitch feature allows DJs to adjust the pitch of a song. MAGIX Digital DJ 2 offers a pitch fader in each of its two decks - easy to access and intuitive to use, the optimal DJ tool!

Beat matching

You audience won't notice as you match the beat of songs and test various effects - the DJ can preview everything through his headphones, and the dance floor keeps moving through one perfect transition to the next.

Create DJ sets

The best DJs create their sets ahead of time and save these as playlists in order to be able to concentrate on just mixing. With MAGIX Digital DJ 2 you can easily add any songs on your hard disk to a playlist.

Preview function

Using the preview function, you can quickly and easily test whether the selected title fits to the current song and can be integrated into the open set.

Maintain pitches

By activating the key-lock button, the pitch will remain the same if you adjust the song tempo. When it is deactivated, the track's pitch also changes.

Access to iTunes® playlists

iTunes® playlists are displayed and songs may be quickly imported from them - this saves time and lets you start DJ'ing and mixing your favorite tracks right away!

Beat & tempo recognition

MAGIX Digital DJ 2 automatically recognizes the beat and tempo of all songs. The speed and pitch of any two songs can be matched to each other with one click.

Beat visualization

Visualization in the peakscope helps find quick and easy transitions and synchronizes tracks with each other. Additional visualizations: Specscope & beat phases.

Master tempo

The master tempo defines the speed of a set and helps the DJ avoid jumps in the tempo when adding new songs.

MAGIX Digital DJ 2 Song Manager

Song manager

With the integrated databank function, seamless connection to iTunes and convenient realtime search for songs, you'll quickly, intuitively and effectively be creating new DJ sets in the blink of an eye.

DJ software with AutoMix

MAGIX Digital DJ 2 AutoMix


The integrated AutoMix function automatically plays all songs from one playlist, mixes the tracks with each other and delivers hours of perfectly mixed music – without any interventions by a DJ.

DJ Style

With its DJ style function, the AutoMix lets tracks seamlessly mix into each other on the beat.


The duration of transitions can be set and altered at any time. Party non-stop with just one click!

Bass Fade

Lean back, relax and let the software do the work for you. Bass X-Fade function: Bass frequencies will appear and disappear on their own.

Effects for real DJ sound

MAGIX Digital DJ 2 3-Band-Equalizer mit Kill-Funktion

3-band equalizer with kill function

The EQ is the best tool for preparing the sound of a song for the mix in the best possible way; here you can easily adjust the high, middle and low frequencies of a song. The extremely handy band kill function even makes it possible to turn each of the three bands on or off with a simple click. Additionally, you can use this function as an exciting effect during mixing.

Effects controls

All effects can be easily controlled and customized with the effect matrix. Moreover, additional effects for creative sound editing are available in the relooper section.

Professional DJ effects

  • Deep/high-pass filter
  • Band pass filter
  • Notch filter
  • Phaser
  • Echo-Low-Fi (Reduction of sample rates)

For creative sound editing

  • Wah Wah Filter
  • Panoramic LFO
  • Ring Modulator
  • Track Coder

Professional audio engine

MAGIX Digital DJ 2 64-Bit-Audio Engine

64-bit audio engine

MAGIX Digital DJ 2 is powered by Deckadance, the reference DJ software and offers a highly precise Audio Engine, developed especially for DJ'ing on Macs and PCs.

Only for PC: ASIO support

ASIO allows working with low CPU usage and enables operation of audio applications with lower latencies. MAGIX Digital DJ 2 installation includes an ASIO driver ASIO4ALL.

Speed advantages

ASIO drivers (in general) allow lower CPU usage and shorter buffer length than the standard Windows driver (DirectSound, WDM Driver). If possible, you should always use an ASIO driver for your sound card.

Multiple audio devices

With the ASIO4ALL driver, you can attach additional audio devices, such as external USB sound cards, which can be used to monitor the output with your headphones* while the main output keeps the crowd dancing.

* see technical specifications

Hardware controller support

Große Bandbreite von DJ-Hardware-Controllern

Large array of DJ hardware controller support

MAGIX Digital DJ 2 supports a wide range of hardware controllers to give you more control when mixing. Simple and precise presets for each controller create that authentic DJ sound.

Supported DJ controllers:

Allen&Heath Xone:3D American Audio Digital Producer 2 / DP2, VMS4, Behringer BCD2000 & BCD3000

DJ-Tech 101 Series, DJ For All, Mix Free, i-Mix, i-Mix MKII, i-MixReload, uSolo FX, & Kontrol One (K1 + M1)

EK S Otus, XP10 & XP5

Hercules RMX, DJ Console MK2, DJ Control MP3 & MP3 E2, DJ Console MK4, DJ Control Steel

iCon i-DJ, M-Audio XSessionPro & XPonent, Numark Total Control, Omni Control, Omnitronic MMC-1, OpenLabs DBeat, Reloop Digital Jockey, Stanton SCS-1d & SCS.3d/DaScratch, SYNQ PCM-1, DMC-1000, DMC-2000, Vestax VCI-300, VCI-100, VCM-100 & Typhoon, Kontrol-DJ KDJ500