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Press comments 2012

Wusik Sound Magazine - 06/12

MAGIX Web Designer MX

„Magix is a doctor for all sort of tools that help common people to fulfil their dreams doing things that used to be reserved only to professionals. I became a video master, thanks to their Magix Movie Maker Pro and now it looks like I'm a skilled web
programmer using the tool that they are selling through their site, Xara
Web Designer …“ - 01.04.2012

MAGIX Digital DJ 2

„4/5 stars“

“There are more powerful, more expensive options out there, but when it comes to the basics of two-deck mixing, Digital DJ2 has everything the laptop jockey needs to get the job done and more.”

“Retains all that was great about the original; supports a range of DJ controllers; improved track management system.“