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Music Maker 2016

Create your own songs

This is where the music's at

MAGIX Music Maker offers over 2,000 new loops & sounds from Hip Hop, 80s, Techno, Rock Pop, Chillout, and Deep House.

You can also add other sound packages or virtual instruments here.

Drag, drop & arrange

Create your own songs with total ease using the mouse.

Samples can be combined with each other and with your own melodies and are adjusted to fit the current tempo.

From the first idea to a finished song

Sketch out initial arrangements with loops and then simply select one of the pitch presets.

The song will be automatically structured with intro, verse, chorus and harmony.

Screen Keyboard

Create music with the keyboard. You can also play your own chords and arpeggios without a MIDI keyboard – with just one finger.

The screen keyboard is optimized for touch displays and includes a MIDI chord/arpeggio function.

Hit the right note

The new mode for the screen keyboard is great for jamming.

It automatically plays the notes that fit the key of the song you're working on – so you'll never hit a wrong note again.

It all fits together

When you change the pitch of an object, all underlying objects, samples & sounds are automatically adjusted.

This makes it easier to create varied songs.

Music Maker apps

MAGIX Audio Remote

Control the virtual instruments in Music Maker using your smartphone or tablet.

Die kostenlose App Download the free MAGIX Audio Remote app and connect with Music Maker on your PC via WiFi. It turns your smartphone into a key instrument for music making.

Music Maker Jam
Music Maker Jam

Create your own tracks on the go or remix songs by popstars such as Borgore, combine them with your own recordings and import projects to Music Maker to edit them.

Download for free: Music Maker Jam for iOS, Android or Windows.

Your own recordings

Your own recordings
Record solo tracks

Record your own vocals and instruments such as guitar, bass or keyboard quickly and intuitively.

Vocal Tune 2  

This efficient pitch correction tool has been thoroughly improved and features intuitive controls for improving out-of-tune notes.

Edit music

99 tracks

MAGIX Music Maker offers plenty of space for big and small ideas.

You can record, edit audio files and combine various sounds & loops on up to 99 tracks.

MIDI Editor

You can easily display, edit & modify notes with the mouse in the MIDI editor.

Arrangements made in this manner can then be played back with virtual instruments.

VST Support

MAGIX Music Maker has integrated VST3 and VST2 support, making it easy to add other instruments and effects.

You can find additional plug-ins here. And additional instruments here.

Edit audio files

Take advantage of tons of tools for editing audio files. For example, you can cut audio or MIDI files to make them the right length.

Convert audio files

Audio files can be easily imported or exported as WAV, MP3, OGG Vorbis, WMA, Quick Time, MIDI and FLAC.

Burn CDs

Combine multiple songs in one project, design transitions or simply burn the latest song to disc as a gift – MAGIX Music Maker 2016 makes it all possible.

Virtual Instruments

Cinematic Synths

Electronic sounds, dreamy melodies and vast film-like soundscapes.

This virtual synthesizer will make your speakers tremble and gets your crowd on the floor.

Listen to demo song

The perfect accompaniment for the club

The virtual accordion adds playful melodies to chilled club hits, elegant beats and French songs.

It's an all-rounder for all kinds of genres and music styles.

Listen to demo song

Drum Machine: Drum Engine

The Drum Engine provides bright drum sounds for electronic beat productions that you can use to support your own tracks.

Listen to demo song

DN-e1 Synthesizer

Make music using the synthetic bass, oscillating leads and shimmering pads in this elegant synthesizer.

You can also use the DN-e1 to create smooth textures and floating pads.

Vita 2 Sample Player

Play the different instruments in the comprehensive Vita 2 sample library.

Various string sounds, acoustic pianos, e-pianos, bass, brass, drums and guitars are all included.

Robota: Drum computer

Robota is a four-part drum computer that generates impressive synthetic sounds and forms a robust foundation for your rhythms.


Create heady soundscapes. This instrument lends your songs a dreamy atmosphere.

In just a few clicks, you can modulate and combine different types of background noise to weave an extraordinary tapestry of sound.

BeatBox 2

Program your own beats and rhythms. BeatBox 2 works according to the classic step-sequencer principle.

Switch individual drum set components on or off with just a click.


The virtual drummer offers authentic playing styles for genres such as rock or funk.

It also includes various settings options for sound and the speed of drum components such as the hi-hat.


Vita Sampler

Create your own sounds and sample or remix music. Using the Vita Sampler, you can design your own instrument or set.

Drag audio files into the sampler – cuts & pad assignments are made automatically.

Loop Designer

Load loops and change them any way you want!

The new Loop Designer boasts a multitude of options for remixing your own loops. Change the rhythm, apply filters, reverse the loop or use the randomize feature to let the program remix it for you.

Remix Agent & Remix Maker

Change songs from records, TV & radio any way you want and make your own remixes with the help of practical tools.

Thanks to the Remix Maker and Remix Agent, it's easy to detect the beat and create loops and new musical combinations.

Studio effects

Superior mixing

Publish faster: The effects rack offers quick access to the equalizer, hall, delay, pitch and tempo sections.

Sound design

Excellent tone quality, a virtual guitar amp and professional effects ensure your songs & sounds are complex and rich.

Timeless sounds

For modern classics: The Vintage Effects Suite features professional effects templates for hip retro sounds.


Produce music videos

Directly import music videos into the software, load images or simply activate the camera on your PC, record a video and add your own songs.

Export everything together or upload it directly to YouTube.

Directly online

You can also easily share your songs with friends on Facebook, YouTube or Soundcloud thanks to the integrated upload feature!

Select song & platform, log in and in the blink of an eye you can premiere your song to your desired audience.