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Music Production

Do you love music and want to learn how to create your own tracks and beats? Learn how to get started and improve your knowledge and skills with our guides. 

Person looking at a PC screen showing music software

Create your own beats

Create beats

Making your own beats is extremely easy. Learn how to create your own beats with the free version of MUSIC MAKER in this step-by-step guide.

A close-up of a mixing console

Produce electronic music

Produce electronic music

Learn how to produce your own tracks with MUSIC MAKER, which equipment is necessary, and which mistakes to avoid – no matter whether house, techno, trap or drum 'n bass.

Drum machine

How to Make Your Own Loops

Creating loops

Create loops from your own audio files or use the included Soundpool loops. MUSIC MAKER is the right software for loop-based music production.

Rear shot of a person wearing headphones

Create your own song in just 6 steps

Creating your own song

All you need to make music is your computer and MUSIC MAKER. Learn how to create a song – from the initial idea to mastering. 

Music software interface

Audio effects at a glance

Audio effects

Which sound effects are there? How are they used and how do they affect the sound? Find out everything you need to know in our overview with audio examples. Have a listen!

Audio recording & audio editing

With the appropriate software, your home can become a recording studio. Learn how to record music, vocals, and podcasts in the comfort of your own home, as well as how to professionally edit, cut, and fine-tune the sound of your recordings.

A close-up of hands playing a keyboard

Record your own music

Record music

MUSIC MAKER helps you easily record your own songs on the PC, arrange your own beats, play real or virtual instruments, and arrange your own music using Soundpool loops.

A close-up of a young woman playing guitar and singing into a microphone

Recording vocals at home

Record Vocals

Create, edit, and enhance your own podcast in just a few steps. The free version of MUSIC MAKER includes all the features you need. Learn how everything you need to know – from recording to exporting.

A close-up of a man speaking into a microphone

Producing a podcast

Record a podcast

Create, edit, and enhance your own podcast in just a few steps. The free version of MUSIC MAKER includes all the features you need. Learn how everything you need to know – from recording to exporting.

Close-up of a vinyl record

Convert records to CDs

Digitizing vinyl records

Digitize records in just 3 steps at home. It's easy with the right software, for example, SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab. Learn how to restore your LPs for the digital age and remove annoying hiss, crackle, and pop noise.

Side shot of a woman at her PC with headphones, working with MUSIC MAKER software

Edit MIDI files

MIDI files

Read on to learn everything about MIDI files: How to load and create MIDI files with MUSIC MAKER, edit them, and finally export them as MIDI or audio files.

Mixing & mastering

Learn how to mix music using MAGIX software, create your own remixes of your favorite songs, and put the finishing touches on your sound during the final step of mastering.

Woman with headphones

Create a remix of one of your favorite songs

Remixing songs

Have you got an idea for a remix, but don't know how to start? Learn everything you need to know to create a remix of your favorite song.

A close-up of a hand on a mixer

Mastering with MUSIC MAKER

Master songs

Mastering is the final step in audio production and an art that usually requires a lot of experience. This step adds the final touches and sonic brilliance to a song. MUSIC MAKER provides bona fide, professional mastering tools that allow you to achieve professional-level mastering results even if you have no previous experience.

A close-up of a turntable and laptop

Cut and join audio files

Cutting music recordings

Learn how to cut audio files together, remove distracting passages, create harmonious transitions, as well as use tools such as a compressor, equalizer, reverb, and echo to fine-tune the sound of the objects you've cut together.

A close-up of a mixing console

Mixing with MUSIC MAKER

Mix music

Create playlists of your favorite songs in just a few steps. MUSIC MAKER helps you edit the sound of songs using DJ effects, add transitions, and combine samples to create new song arrangements.

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