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Creating musical intros

Creating intros

Create professional music intros for videos, podcasts, and more with the free version of MUSIC MAKER. Use Soundpool loops, VST instruments, or audio files and fine-tune your musical intros with mastering effects.

Man with headphones tunes guitar

Creating your own song

Creating songs

Find out how to create your own song without any previous knowledge. Mix Soundpool samples, record vocals, play software instruments, and edit your recordings using sound effects.

DAW User Interface

Digital Audio Workstations

DAW Basics

What is a DAW? What are the principles of working with a DAW, and what functions does DAW software offer? Learn more about the DAWs by MAGIX and their unparalleled performance and versatility.

Laptop screen with MUSIC MAKER user interface

Deep Dive: Beat Production

Beat production

Create your own beats with MUSIC MAKER using Soundpools and MIDI editors. Combine beats with other samples and change the song tempo to produce the desired music. Learn how to do it in just a few steps in this article.

Man in front of laptop with MUSIC MAKER interface

Loop-based music production

Making music with loops 

You can use loops and samples to not only create your own songs, but also remix familiar songs. Learn everything you need to know about loop-based music production.

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