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Transform precious memories
into unforgettable videos

Video editing has never been so easy! MAGIX Video easy HD is the perfect beginner program for the whole family.

It's easy to make impressive videos in no time at all even without any previous video editing skills. Create your own videos using the new user interface with extra large icons and sliders, either using the mouse or touchscreen gestures.

Transform recordings of family celebrations, vacations, or special events into breathtaking DVDs and Blu-ray Disc, and share them friends and family.

Program interface

The easy way to create perfect videos

Record & Import

Import videos and photos from all common image sources. Stay organized: No matter if you're importing content from your camera or smartphone, the program's connection and introduction wizard provides you with a clear overview of your media and makes it easier to choose files.

Optimize & Design

Give new life to your recordings:
Optimize video and audio recordings automatically, cut your videos down to the right size or remove unwanted scenes.
Design your own videos with custom texts and amazing effects.

Export & Present

Watch your finished videos on your computer or burn them to DVDs or Blu-ray Discs including impressive animated menus for your TV. Impress friends and family:
Share your videos on popular sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

The number one: From the market leader
for beginner video software!

Only MAGIX Video easy HD offers:

  • Support for all standard camcorders, digital cameras & smartphones: AVCHD, HDV, MiniDV, iPad®, iPhone® etc.
  • Clear, touch-optimized user interface with
    extra large buttons
  • Includes useful video tutorials to help get you started
  • Practical connection and introduction wizard
  • Automatic video editing wizard
  • Lots of stylishly animated menu templates
  • Movie-quality transitions and video effects for your videos
  • High-quality intro and outro animations for every occasion
  • Record your own audio commentary
  • Output to DVD, Blu-ray Disc™,YouTube®, Facebook®
    and as files
  • Archive projects on discs and hard drives

According to retail sales figures, MAGIX is the market leader in the field of multimedia software in Germany and in the most important European markets, and is also regarded as one of the most successful market participants in the USA.

Even more templates and effects
for your videos!

Catooh – The Online Content Library is your online media archive.

Whatever it is you are looking for – video footage on a specific theme, menu templates, transitions, background music or sound effects – this program provides you access to a vast library that will help you complete your project with exactly the right material.

MX = Media-X-change

Perfectly connected: All of the products in the new MX series enable data to be exchanged easily from one program to another and transferred to mobile devices.

Impress friends and family: Share your best, most funny and crazy videos on popular sites such as YouTube and Facebook or in your
MAGIX Online Album!

More information on MX

MAGIX Video easy HD (Version 5)

MAGIX Video easy HD (Version 5)

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MAGIX Video & Slideshow Sound Archive 8

MAGIX Video & Slideshow Sound Archive 8

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