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Web Designer
Create amazing websites on your own.

The Web Designer family

Xara Web Designer 11
Xara Web Designer 11

Xara Web Designer 11

Ideal for your first homepage:

  • 35 homepage templates
  • Over 500 design elements
  • Create websites for mobile devices
  • Automatic image optimization & photo galleries
  • Integrate HD videos & music
  • Integrate Facebook, Flickr & YouTube
  • Includes 500 MB of web storage
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€ 49,99
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Xara Web Designer 11 Premium
Xara Web Designer 11 Premium

Xara Web Designer 11 Premium

Over 50 Premium extras for professional websites:

  • 70 website templates
  • Over 3000 design elements
  • Fixed elements
  • Animation trigger
  • Advanced image editing
  • Create animations & 3D graphics
  • A wide range of e-commerce options
  • Enhanced search engine optimization
  • Includes 2,000 MB of web storage and a domain*
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Share your ideas, projects or company with the world. A few steps is all it takes to create your very own website – no programming skills required. Build your own site using tons of templates and design elements. There's no restrictive grid system, so you can design everything exactly the way you imagined it.

Websites with character, for people with personalities

A homepage is your very own place in the World Wide Web. Instead of looking like any other website, it should reflect your personality, regardless if it's a professional site or not.

Just like you personalize your apartment with pictures and decorative elements to make it your home, you should be able to design your website to express your individual character. Rigid, pre-made templates can't provide the kind of creative freedom necessary for this. Only a website that is flexible enough to keep up with your ideas will do. This is why we developed Web Designer, the creative toolbox full of options for custom web design.

* The offer includes one domain with one of the following endings: .com, .de, .net, .org, .at, .be, .biz, .ch,, .es, .eu, .fr, .info, .it, .name, .nl. After the contract is terminated, you may continue to use the domain(s) according to the applicable conditions (special offers are excluded). The offer is limited to a duration of 12 months and is renewed automatically if not terminated 8 weeks before the end of duration. Terms and conditions of The Xara Group Ltd. (available at apply. The payment for the total amount is made at the time the contract is signed, and thereafter each time it is extended.