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Why to Burn DVDs

When you are finished editing and perfecting your films with MAGIX Video Easy, you will want to burn DVDs full of them.

This is one of the easiest ways to share your creative project. With this medium, you will be able to watch the video you just made, freshly burned onto a disc, on your television or computer. The software Invite your family and friends over on a moment’s notice to watch your memories in action!

You will also be able to show them an impressive menu that you quickly designed and added. Though it may seem that sophisticated DVD menus are reserved for big-budget, Hollywood blockbusters, Video Easy help you pull together a sleek one of your own. There are all types of templates, appropriate for an endless variety of occasions. Whether your film captures the memories of a formal wedding or a carefree summer vacation, this video software has a beautiful menu to accompany it. With a minimum amount of effort and a variety of options, you will be able to introduce your film in style. Though this element is an impressive portion of the experience of using Video Easy, the navigable functionalities offer a world of additional creativity. When you make a video, you will want to add special touches throughout.

Video easy Screen

Burn DVDs with Menus and More

Numerous effects allow you to focus in on certain portions of the film and make them stand out with emotions from drama to joy. Between them, the software allows you to place transitions- anywhere from bold to subtle- that will make the whole film flow smoothly. Once you are ready to burn DVDs, your memories will be perfected and gleaming!

MAGIX Video easy HD (Version 5)

MAGIX Video easy HD (Version 5)

MAGIX Video easy HD is the perfect beginner program for the whole family. Thanks to the intuitive program interface with extra large buttons, wide range of help functions and practical wizards you can transform your recordings into amazing videos, even if you don't have a previous experience.

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