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Photo software and design software are umbrella terms that encompass a range of image editing products. The functions cover the entire workflow, from importing, to image editing and graphic design to presentation. Photo software and graphics software offer users a huge range of possibilities: Photo software focuses predominantly on managing, optimizing, detailed editing, archiving and of course presenting attractive photos. Whether on YouTube®, Facebook®, Flickr® etc or using slideshow software on a TV set or a PC.

Graphics software allows users to create vector graphics, their own logos, 3D objects and various graphic elements. It's even possible to create various multipage documents such as brochures, flyers and business cards.

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Image editing programs from MAGIX

Photostory on CD & DVD is ideal for users who want to create slideshows. This photo software you can quickly and easily transform photos into multimedia slideshows adorned with music, animated text, loads of effects and interactive DVD menus. If you are looking for the best photo-editing software, with which you can manage and sort photos Photo Manager Deluxe is a definite must, this complete photo software image quickly imports whole photo collections, arranges them, archives them securely and protects them from unauthorized access.

If you are interested in graphics software Photo & Graphic designer is the right program for you. With this graphics software you can create vector graphics, edit images and create fully customizable design document templates. A particular highlight of this graphics software is that it can be used with Windows® 7 enabled tablet PCs, iPads® or touchscreen graphic tablets - flexible and mobile.