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Whether you're looking for an image editing program or graphic design software or want to organize and share your photos, MAGIX offers the right software for your needs. Ambitious users of any level of experience are guaranteed to find something here.

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From importing, to image editing and graphic design, to presentation – at MAGIX you will find the exact software you need.

Slideshow software

Designed for: Ambitious hobby photographers

Advantage: Most entry-level program that allows beginners to create slideshows with the most extensive editing options on the market & image management software for all types of image files

Photostory deluxe 2023

Create animated slideshows from your photos and videos with MAGIX Photostory deluxe and experience unforgettable moments over and over again.

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MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe

MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe offers everything you need for your digital photo and video collection. Easily optimize, manage, back up and archive all your recordings.

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Image editing programs & graphic design software

Designed for: Beginners, advanced and professional users, self-employed individuals & small companies

Advantage: Precise image editing, professional designs, layout production for a diverse range of print material in no time at all, graphic and web design, illustration, photo editing and desktop publishing all in a single compact tool

Xara Page & Layout Designer 11

Xara Page & Layout Designer supports you on your way to a successful business presence. You will find all the tools you need for marketing your business and your offers in a powerful desktop publishing program.

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Xara Designer Pro X 19

Xara Designer Pro X offers professional tools for desktop publishing, web design, image editing, and graphic design – all in one application.

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Edit captivating pictures in just 3 steps

1. Remove imperfections

The first step when you want to edit pictures is to have a detailed look at your photo and decide which elements you want to remove. This might be a spot on the picture created by dirt on the camera lens, an ugly street sign or a person that walked into the frame as the shot was taken. It's important to remove these at this stage, because they may be unintentionally highlighted and stand out even more as you edit the picture further. Another thing you can do at the initial stage in the photo editor is level the horizon in your photo.

2. Adjust brightness and contrast

The next step is to adjust brightness and contrast to achieve more intense color depth and brilliance for your photo. This is done before color correction, since adjustments to brightness and contrast can affect the color scheme of the image. You can fix any color casts in the photo, for instance, and create greater depth and outline. It's important to proceed by trial and error when optimizing images in a photo editor – less is often more, because too much contrast can make the image appear dark and unnatural.

3. Color correction

As a final step, you can use the color correction tool to optimize color scheme, saturation and brightness in your photos. This enables you to adjust the intensity and temperature of colors in images. You can play around and try out different effects to see the result. Make a single color in your photo really stand out, or create a colder effect by increasing the level of blue. If you want to easily edit pictures and create a really different effect, you can also choose from the program's wide range of photo filters. Just click to create a custom color scheme in seconds.