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The term music software generally refers to programs with which you can record, edit, manage, digitize and make music. As a result there is a variety of music software for various needs and applications. With the suitable music program it is possible, for example, to bring musical ideas to life. The music program Music Maker is easy to use and is particularly well suited for beginners. There are lots of versatile sound building blocks available to the user to help create unique songs from a whole range of musical styles. This music software enables anyone (even people without any previous experience) to bring song ideas to life and burn them to CD, export as MP3s or to share online. Samplitude® Producer is a compact studio - the perfect choice for hobby musicians with professional standards! This music software transforms your PC into a virtual sound studio complete with Music Manager featuring multitrack recording - an optimal start in the world of professional music production.

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The right music software for any application

MAGIX LP Saver is ideal for anyone who wants to digitize their record collection. In just a few steps old songs are digitized and saved to hard drive. The mp3 program MP3 deluxe offers a huge range of functions and flexibility for managing digital music collections and is compatible with all common mp3 players. Audio Cleaning Lab deluxe is the music software to go for if you want to restore audio tracks or remove unwanted noises. Digital DJ is the recommended music software for DJ's. This professional DJ software with integrated mufin technology has got everything a DJ needs, it is equally to suited to beginners and pros.