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Creative video editing. Made simple.

Creative video editing. Made simple.

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Get to know MAGIX world of video and post-production. Whether you are a beginner, advanced, or experienced user, everything needed for making a video can be found here.

Learn about editing programs for beginners and advanced users, plus helpful tips and tricks on everything to do with video editing.

Bring your ideas to life – 100% the way you imagined.

Video editing software for every need

Before starting video editing, you need to choose the right video editor first. MAGIX video editing software portfolio combines performance and user-friendliness for perfect results. From video editing, motion graphics, image composition, color grading, and correction & sound design, you'll find the right software for any video task at MAGIX.

Movie Studio family

Recommended level: video editor for beginners and video hobbyists

Designed for: content creators & video hobbyists - easily produce Youtube videos, tutorials, or product reviews and share them with their audience

Advantage: edit video and audio with intuitive and flexible tools, create engaging content with effects, filters, transitions, and animated titles, upload your final edit to social media directly from your project

Video Pro X

Video Pro X family

Recommended level: video editor for advanced and professional users

Designed for: advanced video editors, ambitious filmmakers and semi-professional videographers aiming for slick, professional results

Advantage: a combination of productivity, creativity, and performance, advanced color grading, 8K video editing, and video sound optimisation are just a few of the state-of-the-art features available

VEGAS family

Recommended level: video editor for serious filmmaking and professional users

Designed for: professional top-end, cutting-edge video editing & post production content creation aimed at the highest levels

Advantage: edit video and audio with intuitive and powerful tools, advance HDR color correction & color grading, AI-assisted tools and chroma keying, 8K video editing, design motion graphics, VFX and 3D animations, create stunning thumbnails or artworks, broadcast live events, master high quality sound FX and music

Video Easy

Recommended level: video editor for absolute beginners

Designed for: everyone looking to edit video easily and doesn't have any experience

Advantage: fast and super-easy to use, makes creating and editing home videos on your PC a breeze and easily import movies from action cams, cellphones and other mobile devices - no previous experience required

Different Levels. Different Tools.

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The 5 steps of video editing

1. Review the material

Which recordings are good and which ones are unusable? It's a good idea to make a note of the most important scenes and to remove the scenes you don't want to include in your movie editing.

2. Organizing the movie

Divide your movie into sections according to subject. Once you have defined the individual sections for your video, you can assign the scenes to them.

3. The actual video editing

Now that you have completed all the preparatory steps, you can really start to edit a video. Whether you are an experienced video editor or new to video editing software, the first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with your tool, the video editing program.

4. Fine-tuning

Now you can use effects, titles and image stabilization to smooth the hard edges and to perfect your video.

5. Exporting

Exporting is the last step after editing your videos. You will want to make sure that the image quality is maintained and that the file size stays within acceptable limits.

5 tips for faster video editing results

1. Optimize performance:

  • Reduce the frame rate and resolution, or deactivate the plug-ins and effects during playback
  • Use proxy files during playback - this will not affect the resolution during export or disc burning
  • Use the ‘Preview rendering’ button to automatically pre-analyse and compile CPU intensive effects and transitions that are applied simultaneously

2. Break longer videos into several smaller scenes:

Use the Automatic ‘Scene recognition’ feature to split longer videos into individual scenes. This function will analyse recordings for image cuts so that scenes can be identified, saved and arranged in a new order.

3. Use multi-cam mode:

Sometimes several cameras from different angles record the same scene. Multi-cam mode makes putting these types of videos together much easier. By simply clicking with the mouse in the preview monitor, you can intuitively edit a video using multiple footage of the same scene.

4. Import with precision

  • Select your destination track
  • Choose the location on the timeline with the cursor
  • Choose the media (any video, effect or music) to import into the destination track with a single click on the down-arrow button. This will save a ton of time when working on larger and more complex projects.

5. Import effects directly from the built-in media pool

With just one click, you can import all templates, effects and music into your timeline.


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