Movie Studio 2024

Movie Studio 2024
Video editing for everyone

Take advantage of the opportunity to secure the previous version now at an unbelievable price! Movie Studio 2024 has been extensively improved based on customer feedback and features numerous intuitive editing tools and effects for impressive videos.
Video editing for everyone

Everything you need
Your toolkit

Just the right colors

Enjoy footage that's more lifelike than ever before. Use the versatile deep color correction to get the most out of your material, create a one-of-a-kind mood, and showcase each and every scene.

Use Lookup Tables to give movie sequences from different sources the same look.

Creative effects, endless possibilities

Presets provide the guidance you need right from the start, and all effects can be fully customized afterwards. For example, you can use keyframe animations to selectively shape the intensity and duration of your effects, as well as combine multiple effects within a clip.

Chroma key


Edit videos to fit your music

Keyframe animations

Tons of options, total focus

Take your movies to the next level with multicam footage: In Movie Studio 2024, footage from multiple cameras is joined together fully automatically.

All this is made possible by the powerful INFUSION Engine 3, which also enables fast rendering and smooth playback.

Lightning fast playback and ultra slow-mo

Tension, suspense, and drama – enjoy unimagined creative possibilities by changing the speed of video playback and using high-quality slow motion effects. With just a few clicks, you can turn your favorite footage into a stand-out moment in your movie.

Impressive titles and text

Showcase your pictures exactly how you want, with professional titles and animations. With plenty of templates and easy-to-use tools, telling your story is a breeze.

Pro tip: You can pin text to any object so that it moves with the object as you arrange your movie.

Key features in this version

New interface layout

New interface layout

The interface's new streamlined visual design makes it easier to focus while editing. The visual contrast, font and icons give the interface a more modern and tidy look.

Preview monitor object selection

You can now select objects right inside the preview without having to search for them in the Timeline. This makes it easy to get a handle on even the most complex arrangements.
AV1 codec

AV1 codec

Save massive amounts of disk space without sacrificing your movies' quality thanks to revolutionary AV1 encoding.

Movie Studio 2024 Platinum

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MAGIX Movie Studio 2024 Platinum
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Take your film projects to the next level with MAGIX Movie Studio 2024 Platinum. Discover tons of innovative features that help you add a personalized look to your videos.

Available until 30 July 2024