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SOUND FORGE is a digital audio editing suite by MAGIX aimed at both professional and semi-professional users. It has been the audio editing standard software for artists, producers and sound mastering engineers for over 20 years. The SOUND FORGE family includes SOUND FORGE Audio Studio, Audio Cleaning Lab, as well as SOUND FORGE Pro and SOUND FORGE Pro Suite.

Audio Studio?

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio is a digital audio editing all-rounder. It's the perfect software for recording podcasts or audio books in high quality, cutting and editing audio files with professional restoration and mastering tools, and modifying them with a wide range of effects.

What is SOUND FORGE Pro?

SOUND FORGE Pro is audio software for professional users. An extensive range of professional functions makes it the most popular software among producers and sound engineers worldwide.

What is SOUND FORGE Pro Suite?

SOUND FORGE Pro Suite is a professional software package for recording, editing, sound design and mastering. The suite sets new standards for audio and contains a wide range of sophisticated plug-ins, such as the brand-new Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 10 and Melodyne essential.

Cleaning Lab?

SOUND FORGE Cleaning Lab is an all-around tool for cleaning, digitizing and restoring audio recordings. It features modern workflows, innovative effect presets and powerful cleaning and mastering plug-ins from iZotope.

Are there free trial versions of
SOUND FORGE available?

Yes, free 30-day trial versions of SOUND FORGE family products are available. Just go to the free-download section and get started.

Is SOUND FORGE Audio Studio
a 32 bit software?

You need a 64-bit version of one of the following operating systems: Windows 11 | Windows 10. Further information on the system requirements can be found under technical specifications.