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Movie Edit Pro

Operation & Tools

User Interface

The interface in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro is optimized for perfect control and readability.

All of the elements on the interface can be moved, resized and removed as desired. This is ideal for making windows with lots of details large enough that you can view everything at a glance.

Import wizard

The Import Wizard helps with importing footage from a wide range of sources (e.g. memory cards, digital cameras, hard drives, smartphones etc.) enabling you to preview clips, organize and select files and import footage directly into the timeline.

Multimedia tracks

A total of 32 tracks guarantee complete freedom for arranging even the most complex projects.

Video and audio from one source are now combined on one track.

Universal timeline

With Movie Edit Pro you can edit all of your videos from camcorders, DSLR cameras and smartphones simultaneously in one project.

There's no need to waste time converting all your videos into one single format.

Cut Mode Selection

The beginner-friendly Storyboard Mode displays only the most essential elements needed for editing videos, and you can switch back to a more advanced view at any time.

Automatic video editing

Create amazing movies completely automatically. The Slideshow Maker analyzes your footage and transforms it into a finished video complete with transitions!

Intelligent mouse mode

The intelligent mouse mode allows you to move the entire arrangement to a video object with a single click on one or all tracks.

Wireless project transfer
Wireless project transfer

With Movie Edit Pro you can wirelessly transfer your mobile video projects from the Movie Edit Touch app to your computer.


The toolbar in the timeline has been redesigned to optimize the workflow. The most important mouse modes are now accessible with a single click.

Improved object editing

Movie objects can be cut out even more easily or moved. All changes to Movie Objects are completely and automatically taken into account in all MAGIX mouse modes.

Zoom function in the video monitor

Use the zoom function to animate objects outside the image area.

Simply make the video image in the preview monitor smaller and select objects directly on the enlarged screen.

Quick access feature

The quick access feature allows you to play and trim video clips directly from the Mediapool and import them directly into your video project's timeline.

Performance & Formats

OpenFX support
NEW! OpenFX support

The new OpenFX interface makes it possible to use multiple plug-ins directly from the Media Pool.

Experience a more customizable editing process where you can add more functions and effects to your software as you please.

Hardware-accelerated H.264 decoding

New hardware acceleration reduces the load on your computer's main processor when decoding H.264 codec. This increases reading speed and also accelerates timeline playback considerably.

64-bit support

High-speed video editing: The 64-bit support in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro enables a more efficient use of RAM and multicore processors. This makes it possible to encode videos extremely fast.

4K Ultra HD support

The 4K Ultra HD format can display images in more detail than Full HD.

Whether it's footage of sporting events from a GoPro or holiday videos from your camcorder, you can edit your high-resolution videos in record time with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro.

Edit XAVCS video files

The new XAVCS video format supports resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD and is used in the latest camera models. Realize the full potential of your camera now.

Measure PC speed

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro automatically selects the best settings for your PC when it starts.

Effect & Menu Design

Image stabilization with proDAD Mercalli V2 technology
Image stabilization with proDAD Mercalli V2 technology

The image stabilization feature is perfect for correcting shaky video footage. With Mercalli V2 you can stabilize your recording in no time - you'll forget that it looked any different.

Smartphone videos can be improved and unwanted movement can be removed without affecting the dynamics or the character of the video.

Modern title templates
Modern title templates

Titles and text give your video that extra touch. With over 250 modern templates arranged in a new clear folder structure, you're sure to find the one you need.

Matching templates are organized in sets which makes designing your videos with the right theme easier than ever.

Effects, transitions & templates
Effects, transitions & templates

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro offers an exclusive selection of professional video and audio effects, incredible transitions, customizable DVD and Blu-ray menu templates, thematic movie templates, decorative features and much more.

Discover all the options available and use effects to create exciting highlights.

Color correction

You can use color correction to change the entire video picture.

Retroactively set the white balance, change the image saturation or use the color wheel to quickly correct color problems.

Chroma key effects

Green screen and blue screen effect. Simply record footage of people or things in front of a plain-colored background and layer new photos or videos just like a green/blue screen.

The built-in "anti-spill" feature immediately creates neat, sharp contours.

Effect control

With the click of a button single movie objects can be zoomed to fill the entire timeline.

This enables you to adjust effect settings precisely and edit the details in each image.

Menu templates

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro features a wide range of new, animated menu templates for DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

Impress your audience with professionally designed menus. Suitable for any occasion.

Audio editing

Soundtrack Maker

Set powerful scenes in your videos to thematic music and create excitement.

A soundtrack can be generated automatically from the large sound archive.

Automatic loudness adjustment

Does the background music in your video have different volume levels?

Movie Edit Pro automatically adjusts loudness and evens out volume – no more problems with tracks that are too loud or too quiet!

Media output

Share online on Vimeo
Share online on Vimeo

Share your stories with the Vimeo online community.

Thanks to the platform's high quality demands, crystal-clear playback of your HD videos is guaranteed. Additionally, Vimeo doesn’t have annoying advertising, which places your upload at center stage.

Export wizard

The new export wizard displays the most common export options at a glance. Simply select an export format and follow the instructions or specify further settings.

Transfer to mobile devices

Transfer movies directly to smartphones, tablets, media players and mobile devices. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro also offers a huge selection of presets available for current devices.

Burn movies to disc

Automatically burn your finished film and animated menus onto DVD, AVCHD or Blu-ray Disc™ in professional quality.

Simply choose from a number of professionally designed menu templates.

Share videos on Facebook

You can upload videos to Facebook directly from the program and share them with friends around the world. This saves you from having to use several video portals, and allows you to get your movies online even faster.

Upload to YouTube

Present your videos online on YouTube: Let the whole world experience your work in perfect quality - upload your videos to the video platform directly from the program.

Export to SD cards

It's never been so easy to watch your videos on your TV. Export your movies directly to SD card using the Export Wizard.

Help Community Community

The direct connection to the Multimedia Community makes it easy to find detailed information on how to solve any problems you might have.

Simply write your question in the program and upload it directly.