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MP3 Deluxe


Get an overview of the most important features and find out more about the user interface, such as the location and function of the folder and import tools. The Hit Finder and how to use the built-in web browser is explained clearly.

Access track info

Complete CD information with help from FreeDB - the largest free CD database in the world. mufin AudioID completes missing IDfree tags.

Create automatic playlists

The built-in mufin technology analyzes audio characteristics such as rhythm, pitch and speed, then automatically creates a playlist containing songs that go well with your starting song.

Archive and organize files

Organize songs according to similarity, genre or artist quickly and easily. Adding and changing IDfree tags has never been easier.

Edit songs and sounds

The simple and intuitive edit feature in MP3 deluxe MX allows you to edit MP3 or WMA recordings precisely.

Edit music using Music Editor

The Music Editor is the go-to program for audio editing. Common tasks such as optimizing sound and reading audio files, video sound and CDs can be done in just a few steps.

Burn MP3 CDs and DVDs

You can fit up to 12 hours of music on an MP3 CD and up to 100 hours on a DVD. The burned discs can be played on any CD or DVD player.