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Video easy HD

Simple introduction

Clear user interface

You can now shorten videos and operate the color wheel easier than ever before with touch and swipe gestures using the large buttons.

Perfect for all kinds of cameras

Whether you own a modern AVCHD, HDV or MiniDV camera: Virtually all commonly used devices are supported.

Helpful wizards

Automatic image optimization

Your photo or video didn't quite turn out the way you wanted? The color or exposure isn't quite right? You can quickly and easily optimize the color, brightness and contrast of your videos with just one click.

Connection and introduction wizard

A convenient wizard helps you to get started and takes you through every important step in the video creation process. It provides clear instructions and tips at every stage of the process, from connecting the video camera to recording videos.

Automatic video editing wizard

Do you want to edit and add soundtracks to your videos automatically? Simply use the video editing wizard to select the desired video, then add text and music to complete your movie, including great transitions.

Automatic video stabilization

The video stabilization feature in MAGIX Video easy HD is the ideal tool for correcting shaky video footage. Even large movements can be corrected and made to seem like they never happened.

Professional templates, transitions and effects

Artistic video effects

Greetings from Hollywood: Add camera tracking shots, zooms, mirroring effects and more. Simply choose the effect you want and drag it onto the scene you want to edit. That's it!

Smooth slow-motion and speed transitions

With MAGIX Video easy HD you can slow down your footage like never before. Say good-bye to stuttering slow motion - even extremely slow motion footage will play smoothly.

Advanced audio editing

Fast audio dubbing

Fast audio dubbing

Easily remove sections from songs or adjust the length of camera audio and comments to fit your videos. Optimize poor quality audio from your camera using the new mixer.

Record your own audio commentary

Start the audio recording with a click and add descriptions, interesting background information, important notes or funny comments to any scene you want.

Incredible transitions

Create impressive 3D transitions or move between scenes with any effect you like: MAGIX Video easy HD features a wide range of dynamic transitions!

Intro & outro animations

Choose from a wide range of versatile, high-quality templates to give your recordings a professional look no matter what the occasion.

Menu templates for DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

Ideal for birthdays, weddings or holiday videos. Make a video documenting your child's first years and burn several videos to one disc.

Universal output options

Export to DVD, Blu-ray Disc, YouTube, Facebook or as a file

Export to DVD, Blu-ray Disc, YouTube, Facebook or as a file

The all-around solution: With MAGIX Video easy HD, you can burn your videos including menus to DVD or Blu-ray Disc, upload them to YouTube® and Facebook® directly from the program, or save them on your computer as files - it's up to you.

Advanced disc-burning options

Burn several movies to one DVD or Blu-ray Disc/ AVCHD Disc with a huge amount of disk space.

Faster output of AVCHD videos

Modern computers have powerful graphics cards. MAGIX Video easy HD is able to harness this processing power to export high-resolution AVCHD videos.

Direct output to mobile devices

Transfer your videos from MAGIX Video easy HD directly onto mobile devices such as iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® or onto tablets, e.g. Samsung® Galaxy Tab, as well as all Android™ phones.

Helpful courses and help

Descriptive video tutorial

The easy-to-understand video tutorial helps you step-by-step through the editing process without using complicated technical terms. Community

The direct connection to the Multimedia Community makes it easy to find detailed information on how to solve any problems you might have.