MAGIX Audio and Video Cleaning Lab range

Professional sound for music & videos


With the new versions of Audio Cleaning Lab, Video Sound Cleaning Lab and Audio & Music Lab Premium, MAGIX offers an intuitive and powerful range of software programs.

A combination of high-quality professional tools, 1-click solutions and a redesigned interface enables the user to optimize their audio files quickly and easily, without any previous experience. Whether working with music, action cam videos or radio reports, the Audio & Video Cleaning Lab range has everything a user needs for precise sound optimization.
This product range also introduces the new update guarantee for the first time.
MAGIX guarantees the user a full year of new features and extras for free and the latest software version at all times.

Audio Cleaning Lab and Video Sound Cleaning Lab

With automatic sound optimization and over 290 presets for removing noise, MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab is the perfect software for starting audio editing for the first time. The new version has a simplified project workflow thanks to a range of practical features. These include new shortcuts for working on different sections, an intelligent search feature, spectral display with preview feature as well as effects that are arranged according to importance or can be sorted by the user. The new interface is optimized for 4K monitors with a clear design for easily switching between effects. Audio files can even be optimized fully automatically with the built-in Audio Cleaning feature, which identifies problem areas and makes suggestions for how to improve them.

For enhancing audio in your videos, MAGIX offers Video Sound Cleaning Lab. In addition to video import that's now up to 10 times faster, the program contains 150 presets for optimizing video acoustics, a Video Sound Optimizer and 2 tracks for clearer audio quality without noise or sibilants.

Audio & Music Lab Premium

MAGIX is proud to announce the release of the new Audio & Music Lab Premium for professional audio editing for music and video projects. It contains up to 4 tracks for digitally editing, optimizing and playing recordings in the highest quality. The new range editing feature allows for faster and even more precise editing. The new algorithm from zplane guarantees total precision and authentic results when adjusting pitch and speed. For adding the finishing touches to audio projects, the program also includes the new reverb effect from the essentialFX effects range. This provides lots of creative options for manipulating room sound in your videos, speech recordings or songs.

Along with the Audio & Video Sound Cleaning Lab range, MAGIX is also introducing the new 365 day update guarantee. This means that when MAGIX users buy the latest version of the software, they will receive a full year of regular new features, updates and content such as plug-ins and templates for free. The update guarantee also ensures that users receive the latest version of the software at time of purchase. After one year, they can continue to use the software indefinitely on the version they have already installed. To continue receiving new features and updates after the one-year update guarantee has expired, it can be extended for a discounted price.

The new software versions from the Cleaning Lab range are available online and in stores now.

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab

MSRP: £49.99

  • 290 presets for restoring audio
  • Digital remastering for music
  • Automatic sound optimization
  • Spectral cleaning with preview feature
  • Detailed effects editing
  • Record at 44.1 kHz
  • 1 track

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab

MSRP: £34.99

  • 150 presets for optimizing video sound
  • Video Sound Optimizer
  • Detailed effects editing
  • Video monitor
  • 2 tracks

MAGIX Audio & Music Lab Premium

MSRP: £69.99

  • Video sound optimization
  • 6 additional effects plug-ins
  • VST2 interface
  • 6,000 Internet radio stations
  • Record at 96 kHz/ 24-bit
  • Professional range editing
  • 360 presets
  • Spectral cleaning with preview feature
  • Detailed effects editing
  • 4 tracks for audio editing