On the following pages you will find tons of inspirational examples taken from the MAGIX Magazine, workshops on DVD, entire books on topics such as video editing, free online tutorial videos and a community where you can exchange ideas and creative work.

MAGIX Magazine

Always in touch with the latest trends: The MAGIX Magazine keeps you up to date with the latest news and stories about trends in music, film, photography, graphics and the web. All articles are written by MAGIX employees. It pays off to check the MAGIX Magazine regularly - we recommend bookmarking it right away

Online tutorial videos

The free MAGIX online tutorial videos give you a first look into various MAGIX programs, as well as tips & tricks and detailed workflow descriptions. On the page you can find an overview of all the online tutorial videos available from MAGIX. We hope you have lots of fun watching, learning and working with MAGIX software.

Books & DVDs

How about a nice book or video to go along with your MAGIX software? The MAGIX textbooks and workshop DVDs provide both beginners and more advanced users with step-by-steps instructions from experts on using MAGIX software. You can find professional know-how for various projects and areas of application here.

MAGIX Multimedia Community

The MAGIX Multimedia Community is the place for current discussions on Web design, photo editing, video editing and music production. The core of this portal is the mutual exchange of creative works, program features, and tips & tricks. Join the Multimedia Community now: