MAGIX Video Software
- Step by step guides

You want to create professional YouTube videos, inspire people with your music by producing your own music videos or you just want to get more out of your footage? In the following overview, we have summarized our most important step by step guides for our MAGIX video software products for you.


Learn basic video editing techniques with our easy to follow step-by-step tutorials. Whether it's video editing or sound optimization, make your video stand out with our featured packed, easy-to-use software.


Visual effect doesn't serve only to spice up your visual, it can also aid in conveying message when used accordingly. How do you create a slow motion video? And what is a speed ramp? Get answers to these questions and more, plus instructions on how to integrate special effects into your videos.


Before adding specific color ambience for your video (color grading), the first step when dealing with color is to correct them. This will allow every shot to be consistent between footages and ensure a natural-looking image. Learn here for basic color correction techniques.


After shooting, comes the "fun" part of video production, which is the post-production. In this phase, several adjustments are applied on the footage such as cutting, color correcting and/or grading, VFX-ing, adding soundtrack or SFX. Learn here how to weave all these elements to a complete multimedia experience we call a film.


Another format but a consistent quality, how is it possible? Can't play video because your device only plays certain format? Learn how to easily convert and compress videos without any losses with our step-by-step instructions.

Tutorials for MAGIX Software


Here you will find helpful online tutorials that will make getting started with MAGIX as easy as it can be. Simply select the product and learn everything you need to know about basic controls and individual functions.

We hope you enjoy watching, learning, and working with MAGIX video software.

MAGIX Video Software

Movie Studio

Movie Studio

Easy & fast video editing

Application area: Beginners & Advanced

  • Up to 900 Effects, Titles, Templates & Apertures
  • NEW! Fast INFUSION Engine
  • Simple color correction
  • NEW! Professional image stabilization
  • Import & issue in 4K/UHD
  • Burn DVD & Blu-ray Discs

MAGIX Video Pro X

Intuitive video production. Redifined.

Application area: Professionals

  • NEW! INFUSION Engine with up to 8.6 times faster performance
  • NEW! VEGAS image stabilisation
  • Professional cutting tools, incl. 3- & 4-point cutting
  • 4K UHD Workflow, including MultiCam & 360-degree editing
  • Multi-track & multi-format timeline, incl. nested sequences
  • Professional Color Correction & Lookup Table Handling