Your creativity. ACIDized.

ACID Pro 11 –
The creative DAW.

With ACID Pro 11 the next generation of music production begins.

ACID Pro 11

The innovative fully-fledged DAW for sample- and loop-based music production.

ACID Pro 11 Suite

The ultimate next generation DAW experience. ACID Pro 11 Suite offers everything modern music producers need.

ACID Music Studio 11 –
simply creative.

ACID Music Studio 11 is easy-to-use software that gives you complete freedom to create music your way.

ACID Music Studio 11

Your entry point to music production has all the innovative loop-based music production features you need to make great music.


What is ACID DAW?

ACID is an all-round digital audio workstation (DAW) designed for music production without limits. The ACID family includes the entry-level DAW ACID Music Studio and ACID Pro for professional users.

What is ACID Music Studio?

ACID Music Studio is loop-based music production software that is particularly suitable for beginners.

What is ACID Pro?

ACID Pro is a professional DAW for loop and sample-based music production.

Is there a free trial version
of ACID?

Yes, free 30-day trial versions of ACID are available. Just go the free-download section and get started.