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Music Maker Live Edition

Create your own songs

Live Pads – perfect for electronic music
Live Pads – perfect for electronic music

Create songs on the fly: Live Pad mode is the perfect starting point for producing a new track. Loops are automatically assigned to the pads, which can be operated live using the keyboard and recorded.

Start performing live right away!

New Media Pool
New Media Pool

For even more efficient work flows: You will now find your loops and sounds on the right side of the user interface in the new Mediapool. Form there, you can drag & drop loops into your arrangement and build up your song.

Sound for your own songs

Over 6,000 new loops & sounds from Hip Hop, EDM, Trap, Dubstep and many more.

Drag & drop the beat

Just drag & drop to arrange your own music in the interface.

Freely combine all samples with each other. They adjust to your own melodies and to fit the tempo.

Pitch bar

Modify the pitch of the arrangement while maintaining a consistent sound.

The software automatically adjusts all underlying objects and sounds when making pitch modifications.

Screen Keyboard

Play melodies, chords and quick sound sequences with the new screen keyboard. It's touch optimized and enables a realistic playing experience.

The MIDI chord and arpeggio functions make composing even more fun and engaging. Using the scale functions, you can also play melodies just with one hand.

Scale feature

The screen keyboard can be accessed with just a click and is great for improvising live.

The screen keyboard differs from a classic piano design in that it only plays notes that fit the song you are working on. You can also use it to play arpeggios and quick sound sequences.

For more diversity

Pitch presents can be easily applied to the loops you've chosen.

Just select a template and the song will take on an individual structure with intro, verse, chorus, and harmony.

Music Maker apps

MAGIX Audio Remote
MAGIX Audio Remote

This free app expands the range of features available in the PC version of Music Maker and is designed for controlling the Live Pads and the virtual instruments in the program.

Use your smartphone or tablet as an external controller that you can integrate as a key component into your studio setup over Wi-Fi.

Download now for free:

Music Maker JAM
Music Maker JAM

Make music on the go, add your own recordings and be part of a global music making community. Download the free Music Maker JAM app for iOS, Android or Windows 8 now.

Projects started in the app can be imported into the desktop version for additional editing.

Download now for free: iOS | Android | Windows

Recording function

Recording function
Recording solo tracks

Record guitars, basses or keyboards live and record your own vocals. Music Maker Live Edition's powerful recording function makes everything intuitive.

Hit the right note: Vocal Tune 2

Vocal Tune 2 displays all recordings as wave forms, allowing you to edit them in detail and make pitch corrections - all without noticeably affecting sound authenticity.

Music editing

Ad infinitum

Unlimited tracks - endless possibilities. There's plenty of space to edit, record and arrange in Music Maker.

Even much more complex music productions become a reality with Music Maker.

More customization: MIDI editor

Create and edit melodies, rhythms & chords with the mouse.

You can vary compositions created in this fashion by changing pitch and using virtual instruments.

More possibilities: VST3 support

VST3 and VST2 support enables other virtual instruments, plug-ins and high-quality effects to be integrated quickly & easily.

You can find professional effects plug-ins here. And additional instruments here.

Audio editing

In the past, audio tapes had to be painstakingly cut and taped together by hand. Today, Music Maker offers high-performance tools for editing audio & MIDI files.

Audio converter

Export your songs in various formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, WMA, AIFF or MIDI.

Of course you can also easily import and convert audio files.

Burning music

With a CD/DVD burner and Music Maker you can combine several songs into a single project and burn it to disc.

Perfect for your first demo, EP or a whole album.

Virtual instruments

Pop Drums
Pop Drums

This drum set gives you more than just one instrument.

The user interface changes according to the settings you make. Increase the distortion and the drums will look just as crazy as they sound.

Concert Grand
Concert Grand

You will also find one of the most legendary concert pianos in Music Maker.

The popular piano has been carefully sampled and compiled for you in a virtual instrument.

Lead Synth

The perfect instrument for screeching leads and melodic accompaniment for your tracks.

With MAGIX Lead Synth you can play chill beats, driving club hits and deep trap.

Revolta 2 Synthesizer

This outstanding synthesizer contains a range of filters, oscillators and effect settings that will propel you right into the charts.

With the integrated step sequencer, creating new songs and rhythms is easy, innovative and lots of fun.

Impressive: Vita 2 Sample Player

This player for the high-quality sound library contains a wide range of professional samples, tons of integrated filters and distortion effects. Perfect for improvising.

This is what makes music production fun.

DN-e1 Synthesizer
DN-e1 Synthesizer

Electrify your ear drums. The virtual synthesizer emulates the best circuitry.

With driving electro sounds, vibrating basses and flashing surfaces, the DN-e1 is club ready.

Authentic jazz drum sound
Authentic jazz drum sound

Out of the dusty jazz cellar and direct to your PC.

Drum sticks, brushes, tom toms, ride cymbals and hi-hats easily provide your rhythm section with a groovy jazz sound.

Drum Engine
Drum Engine

The drum engine provides your productions with the right kick.

Designed from the start based on famous hardware drum machines and samplers, the drum engine can emulate the entire spectrum from modern drum kits all the way to vintage drum sounds.

A fountain of fun: Vita Sampler
A fountain of fun: Vita Sampler

Load your own audio files (e.g. from popular songs) and start playing right away.

The Vita Sampler chops up the file and assigns sections to the virtual pads. You can also select individual areas, change their duration or reverse them.

Orange Vocoder
Orange Vocoder ME by Zynaptiq

Make something new: the Orange vocoder is a new effect in Music Maker which creates electrified sounds.

Modulate individual tracks and give each instrument an individual sound using various presets.


Studio effects
Studio effects

Studio effects are seamlessly integrated into the interface to fit into your work flow.

This way, the most important effects for mixing are always in view.

zplane Time Stretching

The zplane time stretching and pitch shifting algorithm in Music Maker Live Edition is one of the best algorithms in the world for adjusting pitch and speed in audio recording.

Vintage Effects Suite

Both classic and modern - the Vintage Effects Suite provides your speakers with a proper retro sound. A range of settings options allow for experimentation.


Genuine sound design meets studio effects such as chorus, flanger and phaser. And the Vocal Strip plug-in gives vocals and spoken recordings warmth and presence.


Mastering Suite

The Mastering Suite is neatly integrated into the program interface and enables you to make any final sound enhancements.

Professional tools such as the parametric 6-band equalizer, the StereoFX module, the limiter and a multiband compressor provide your productions with the necessary vibe.

Auto Mastering

Simplifies one of the most demanding tasks in music production: Automatic mastering with presets for various music genres saves you a lot of work.

Includes optimized sound analysis and practical preview function.

Publish online

Directly online

You can also easily share your songs with friends on Facebook, YouTube or Soundcloud thanks to the integrated upload feature!

Select song & platform, log in and in the blink of an eye you can celebrate your song's worldwide release.

Produce music videos

Directly import music videos into the software, load images or simply activate the camera on your PC, record a video and add your own songs.

This way your songs can also start at full speed visually.

The Music Maker community

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