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The new MAGIX Music Maker Live production software allows anyone to make their very own songs and perform them live, even if they don't have any previous experience.

This is made possible by the Live Pad mode, which provides you with a range of pre-produced loops from various music genres. This feature makes Music Maker Live equally perfect for DJs, beat producers and musicians. The advantage in using Music Maker Live over a typical DJ software is the way in which it lets you create music. Simply launch Live Pad mode and you're ready to start jamming and experimenting with the pre-produced Live Sets while recording the whole thing. You can then throw in additional loops and sounds to the resulting recording using drag & drop controls or add your own melodies by playing the virtual instruments. Top everything off by adding effects, mixing, mastering and saving your project as an audio file. With the Music Maker Live music mixing software, all you need is a Windows PC – no need for expensive mixing consoles, record players or other DJ equipment.

Music Maker Live is the best of both worlds. On the one hand, the program lets you produce, play and record your own music. On the other hand, you can use Live Pad mode to perform your self-produced songs live. The 16 pads in Live Pad mode can be assigned with loops from various music genres, such as hip hop.

Each of the 16 pads corresponds to a track in the classic arranger and is filled with loops as soon as the live performance is started. You can also continue working on a live song after the performance is over, making adjustments to structure and samples, recording virtual instruments and adding scratches and vocals. Professional effects and mastering plug-ins make sure you get a final mix which sounds good on any DJ setup. Music Maker Live combines aspects of modern DJ software and elements from classic Digital Audio Workstations with simple controls and workflows. The program makes it possible for anyone to performance music live and get professional results, without any previous experience, sense of rhythm or being able to read music.

Simply connect your laptop to the mixing console and get started. The only thing you need to do is get a feel for the vibe in the club or at the party. Then select the right Live Set and start looping individual song parts and creating sound combinations live on the DJ console. The various Live Sets are available in 7 pitches, letting you create songs with an intro, refrain and bridge by adjusting the melodic progression. If you like how your jam session went, press the record button and save everything as an audio file. Then transfer your song as a WAV or wma file to your playlists on iTunes or MP3 deluxe. Or upload it straight to SoundCloud.

Music Maker 2016 Live Screenshot

Part music program, part DJ Software.

Music Maker Live lets you produce and mix your own music and perform Live Sets in front of a crowd. DJs and producers can also create their own sets for Live Pad mode, save them and perform them live on the mixing console. This DJ software is easy to use and offers audio and music fans a range of innovative features for live DJing. See for yourself!

MAGIX Music Maker 2016 Live

MAGIX Music Maker 2016 Live

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