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MAGIX Music Maker 2015MAGIX Music Maker 2015
139 €
  • 10 € alennusta
  • Sisältää lahjapaketin:
  • Soundpool 21 + 17
  • MAGIX Music Studio 2015
  • Voimassa 14. joulukuuta 2014 asti
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Lähetyskulut 4,99 € - 27.11.2010

MAGIX Music Maker 17

"The  MAGIX Music Maker 17 package is a very powerful music making program that, for the price, could go toe to toe with a lot of much more expensive options out there at this time.
In this version, priced at RRP £49.99, you pretty much get all the tools you need, including some items in the sound pool, to get you started on making some pretty cool music here." (US) - 18.08.10

MAGIX Music Maker 16 / 17

"Overall Rating: 4/4"
"Audio Editing: 4/4"
"Recording/Burning: 4/4"
"Ease of Use: 4/4"

"Pros: It has an extremely easy to use interface with great effects and high quality tools loops"; "The Verdict: This is by far the best audio editing software we tested."

"..well-rounded audio editing software that has easy-to-use tools and applications, considering its large, complex feature set and overall versatility, which makes it an easy pick for the best program in this category.", "..easy-to-use tools that provide a precise, professional audio editing experience.", "The set of tools, features and applications makes embellishing, editing and even creating new tracks from scratch an enjoyable experience that is built to accompany to users familiar with audio editing and production software and those trying for the first time.", "..offering a simplicity and presentation that many audio editing software programs lack.", "..your songs are going to sound better than ever with this program."

Blogstoday - April 2010

MAGIX Music Maker 16

"WELL, well, well, - every year our Berliner friends MAGIX update their software and each year it just gets better and better. Where will it all end? I guess in a few short years you'll be able to sing into the box, press a button and have milion-selling albums worldwide! Simples."

"From the user-friendliness of the program to the stunning sound quality and the incredibly cheap price for what you get - check out the likes of SonyAcidPro/Reason/Cubase for comparison - the MM series over the past 15 years stands head and shoulders above many DAWs."
MAGIX Music Maker 2015MAGIX Music Maker 2015

MAGIX Music Maker 2015

Hintoihin sisältyy ALV
Lähetyskulut 4,99 €




MAGIX Soundpool DVD Collection 21

MAGIX Soundpool DVD Collection 21

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