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May 2017

New video effects

Video Pro X now contains five professional effects for broadcast ready results: broadcast color, tone value correction, LAB adjustment, noise and blur masking effects.

The software also includes effects from Movie Edit Pro such as lens flare effects.

Lookup tables (LUTs)

Discover a wealth of options for working with lookup tables. Import camera LUTs, create a particular style with predefined LUTs or design your own using the shot match feature and save it for future use.

Playback Performance

Access smoother playback for 4K material with optimized performance and Intel integrated GPU for HEVC and H.264 with 5 times faster processing.

True color space handling

Color-true processing in Video Pro X fulfils requirements for every color space in your material, from preview to export. Also with ProRes and HEVC/AVC/MPEG-2.

360 degree editing

Take advantage of true 360 degree editing in Video Pro X. Import and edit 360° videos and add title and effects within 360° space. Stitching functions are directly built-in for all standard 360 degree cameras for editing videos directly from a camera.

January 2017

10/12-bit professional format support
10/12-bit professional format support

VideoPro X also supports output for professional formats like ProRes, HEVC and AVC with 10 and 12-bit color depth. Thanks to higher color depth, your video material can now benefit from more variation in light and shadow areas and colors that are rich in contrast.

You can now work with the perfect color depth for your project, from import right up to exporting your finished file.

October 2016

Precise color grading with 16-bit deep color

For the first time, important internal color grading workflow processes have been switched from 8-bit to 16-bit deep color.

16-bit deep color processing allows for detailed color grading and even more freedom for correcting color. 16.7 million more color nuances are now processed, resulting in natural looking, brilliant images without annoying steps in color gradient.

Thanks to the larger 16-bit color space, your video material can now benefit from more variation in light and shadow areas and colors that are rich in contrast.

April 2016

360 degree camera editing

Video Pro X provides a wide range of options for editing footage from the latest 360 degree cameras.

H.265 decoding

Video Pro X is the world's first video editing program to support Intel HEVC/H.265 with ultra-fast hardware acceleration.

Beat-based editing

Set snap markers in your audio material by clicking on the mouse to the beat of the music. You can also synchronize video clips effortlessly with audio material.

New, modern title templates

The over 250 brand new title templates have been completely redesigned and feature a modern look and structure.

Snap markers

The new snap markers let you mark special points in video objects.

4K/Section animation

Use 4K material to create sections and image details in lower-resolution footage.

Extensions exposure features

Detailed color and tonal value correction enables you to edit luminance and individual RGB channels precisely with Bézier curves. Contrasts can be adjusted with non-linear editing and flat or log profiles can be used manually to achieve the final look for your video.

Shot match

Transfer the visual characteristics of one video to another. The program matches the colors and tonal values of two separate videos fully automatically.

Native ProRes support

The latest version includes native support for Apple ProRes video codecs.

OpenFX support

Transformation plug-ins according to OpenFX standard can be used for video effects directly from the media pool.

NewBlueFX Looks

The plug-in package NewBlue Looks from NewBlueFX offers 5 professional filter effects to give your recordings a true cinematic look.

  • Film color
  • Color Fixer Pro
  • Gradient Tint
  • Spotlight
  • Glow Pro
proDAD Mercalli V2 image stabilization

Stabilize shaky footage and smooth out quick camera movements with the fantastic Mercalli V2 image stabilization plug- in from proDAD.