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Music Maker Movie Score Edition

Record & compose

Drag & drop to produce soundtracks

Drag & drop to produce soundtracks

Simply drag & drop elements in the program interface to arrange music pieces.

Combine sounds with one another, as well as with your own musical ideas. All loops automatically adjust themselves to fit the tempo of the soundtrack.

Mix on 64 tracks

Edit, record and arrrange on 64 tracks.

With so much space, bringing complex music productions to life is no problem at all.

Recording from solo tracks

Movie Score Edition lets you record your own instruments, such as violins and guitars.

You can also record your own vocals and integrate them into your soundtrack.

MIDI Editor

Click to create melodies, rhythms and chords with the MIDI editor.

To perfect the sound, you can have various virtual instruments play back what you created.



Easily play chords, melodies and arpeggios using your mouse or the touch screen keyboard.

The intuitive screen keyboard makes composing movie music extremely easy.

Virtual Instruments

Soundtrack percussion

Soundtrack percussion

Open your movie with a bang. Soundtrack Percussion offers a wide selection of fast percussion instruments such as wind chimes, congas, cymbals, a tom and even triangles.

In movie music, percussion is well-suited for quick cuts, building suspense and summery rhythms.


Livid offers authentic drum kits with various play styles for rock, pop, latin & funk. Ideal for adding sound to sunny images.

Templates for intros, choruses and bridges are also included.


Dark electronic bass sounds meet heavy drums, claps & snares.

Embark on a journey into a world full of abstract sounds and noises.

BeatBox 2

BeatBox 2 offers tons of drum kits with dynamic sounds from the 80's.

Thanks to tons of sound shaping options and high-quality effects, you can quickly develop your own sound.

Sound effects

Hollywood-style special effects

The Movie Score Edition FXRack comes with excellent audio effects. Experience sensational reverb, a first-class equalizer and diverse experimental effects live in action.

Simple drag & drop controls.

Distort voices

The pitch effects lets you change the pitch in speech and vocal recordings.

Try creating especially high or deep voices.

Sounds for classic movies

For modern classics: The Vintage Effects Suite features professional effects templates for hip retro sounds.

Audio editing

Edit audio files

Take advantage of professional tools for editing audio files.

Easily adjust audio and MIDI files to fit the length of your video material. You can also quickly adjust volume levels for specific scenes in your movie.

More variety

You can change the pitch of the included sounds in just a few clicks — all subordinate objects are automatically adjusted to fit.

This way you can compose creative interludes for your soundtrack even quicker.

Compose complete songs

Create your first epic arrangement in no time at all using only your mouse.

Afterwards, simply select one of the pitch templates and sit back as your song is automatically put together — including intro, verse and chorus.

Convert audio & video files

Convert audio & video files

Export your works in all standard audio formats or convert existing audio files into WAV, MP3, OGG Vorbis, WMA, QuickTime, MIDI or FLAC.

Video formats are also integrated for compositions with movie material.

Your own soundtrack on CD

Create an original soundtrack with Movie Score Edition, written and composed by you.

When you're finished, put all the songs from your movie project on an original soundtrack CD.


Free movie music app

With the free Music Maker Jam app, you can also produce your own music on the go. You can edit these projects later on your PC by adding effects or your own recordings.

The app is available for free for iOS, Android and Windows 8.

Produce movies with music

Easily import your videos to Music Maker Movie Score Edition, add images and record your own passages with your webcam.

Afterwards, you can easily export the resulting video, soundtrack included.

Share your music

Once you've finished creating your masterpiece, publish the results online on Facebook, SoundCloud and YouTube.

Or export it as an MP3 and share it with contacts via WhatsApp.