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Music Maker Soundtrack Edition

Record & Compose


MAGIX Music Maker Soundtrack Edition simplifies the instrument and vocal recording process, plus it's easy to expand your own sound archive with samples. Sing into the microphone, record instruments, or import MP3s - everything can easily be cut, remixed and edited.

Amazing Sounds

With a huge selection of loops & samples, the online archive has everything you need to create your own movie music. The loops & samples can be perfectly combined any way you want and adjusted automatically to the tempo - you'll never miss a beat!

Listen to demo songs

Live Search

Simply enter a letter and the new live search feature displays all the loops, samples and files that are possible matches. Long, complicated searches are finally a thing of the past. This lets you focus on the most important thing - your music!

Song Maker 2

Song Maker 2

With the help of Song Maker 2 you can create impressive songs with just one click. Simply select a music genre, set the length and tempo of the track and the song is created automatically. It's perfect for adding background music to videos or slideshows or as accompaniment for a jam session.


Vita String Ensemble

Vita String Ensemble

You'll be amazed by the brilliance and transparency of these genuine orchestra strings. In no time at all you can create full string accompaniment for your productions without having to spend all your time on tuning and arranging.

This string ensemble can be seamlessly integrated into any production and offers a wide spectrum of great natural and realistic string sounds.

BeatBox 2

BeatBox 2

The first-class drum machine BeatBox 2 has incredible rhythm making capabilities and offers tons of functions to help you make your own beats and basslines. Dynamic drum kits, unlimited possibilities for sound shaping, high-quality effects, and much more.

The tried and tested step principle in BeatBox 2 is fun and quickly provides exciting results. Whether you're a pro or a beginner, it's never been easier to build complex and layered beats!

Mix & share


The beat a little quieter? The bass a little louder? Mix songs with the integrated mixer to make your sound perfect! Numerous templates allow anyone to quickly and easily produce professional results – pumping sound thanks to easily-combinable studio effects like reverb, compressor, equalizer, and much more.

Vintage Effects Suite

MAGIX Music Maker Soundtrack Edition comes equipped with genuine vintage effects that offer even more possibilities for creating your own unique sounds! Whether for highlighting instruments, adjusting vocals or adding synths, the Vintage Effects Suite makes it easy to add your own special touch to every arrangement.

Watch video


With MAGIX Music Maker Soundtrack Edition you can export your own songs in different formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG etc. and burn them directly to a disc. Or transfer your new hit to your MP3 player or phone. With just one click your hit can make its world premier on SoundCloud or Facebook thanks to the integrated upload feature!

Online Extras

Online Extras

Even more sounds Catooh

Whatever your're looking for – drum loops, instruments, vocals, or sound effects – the program provides a direct connection to this giant sound library and supports every one of your song ideas with the right material.

Be part of the community:

And if you need a special tip, – the Knowledge Community of Music Maker customers provides fast and direct answers for all of your questions about producing music: Just write your question in the text window and send it off, and it won't be long until you get the help you need.