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Creating the perfect sound with Music recording software and MAGIX

Like every piece of musical equipment it is important to find the right music recording software that provides the right sound and fit for any musical enterprise.

Flexibility is one of the most important aspects of any instrument in a musician’s arsenal when they are making music, or find the right audio mixer. Physical rigs are often expensive, and require specialized set ups, but with the right music production software any space can become a recording studio.

One of the best solutions on the market is Samplitude Producer, which combines the usability of MAGIX’s consumer line with the power of its professional line.

Combining features with direct multi-track recording capabilities, musicians and recording artists can use separate line inputs and then combine them inside the program. With both high quality studio effects and virtual instruments, if a band member can’t make it, you can add in a virtual instrument track preprogrammed to match the missing part. Here, if you are satisfied with the track, you can keep it in, or get a separate recording when the band member is present. Simply swap in the new audio information and export the recording.

MAGIX products all use Red Book audio standards for creating audio through their music recording software offerings. Within the mixing and mastering software Samplitude Producer, inputs from VST, ASIO, ReWire, and DirectX among over supported devices and plug-ins.

Samplitude Music Studio Screen

Why Samplitude is not just music recording software, it is an entire studio

This entire recording studio for the professional and first time users also supports the Samplitude Producer exclusive: Auto JamSession. The Auto JamSession has some of the best auto-arranged musical styles available, and since Samplitude Producer is an entire mastering/recording/editing package you already have to tools to change every aspect of the Auto JamSessions to fit any musical style.

MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2016

MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2016

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