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Intuitive right from the start

You don't have to be an expert to optimize the sound in your videos! MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab provides a vast selection of useful presets for a wide range of situations and helps you obtain perfect results.

Discover a whole new world of possibilities for optimizing the sound in your videos. Specific noises can be isolated and removed even without any previous experience.

Additional sound effects and audio commentary can make your favorite videos stand out from the crowd.

A big help for big tasks

Work faster:
The new preview function

Experience the difference: Thanks to the handy preview function you can check which effects are the best for dealing with your noise problems. It's easier than ever before to optimize your video sound. Discover just how easy it is to optimize your audio.

Practical presets

Make sure your videos sound as good as they look: MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014 has more than 150 presets for quickly removing all common noises in video recordings, e.g. wind, traffic noise, mains hum etc.

You can achieve amazing acoustic results in record time.

An elegant solution:
Cleaning and Mastering Agents

Finally a sound engineer with all the right settings: The Cleaning and Mastering Agents can perfect your video sound fully automatically or step by step.

Optimized visualization

The various visualization options for your audio tracks make it easier to identify and "tame" the problems with the volume or frequency.

These redesigned displays are based on ProAudio Technology that is used in professional studio software.

In the know: The Info Box

The Info Box provides helpful tips and tricks for editing your recordings. All the effects and their corresponding functions are clearly explained, allowing you to achieve optimum results without having to spend hours and hours familiarizing yourself with the program.

Precisely remove disruptive noise

Crystal clear sound

Videos shot outdoors at family celebrations, sporting events, or any other occasion will often have noticeable volume fluctuations that cause clipping and distortion in the video sound.

To prevent or remove clipping MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014 offers professional tools like the limiter and the DeClipper. This way, you can balance volume fluctuations and spare the ears of your audience.

Stop the wind with the click
of a button

Many of the best videos are recorded outdoors. If you've ever recorded outdoors without professional audio equipment, you'll be familiar with the problem of wind noise on the audio track.

Save the time and expense of dealing with special equipment and remove the wind noise from your videos using intelligent algorithms. Simply apply the handy presets and adjust the intensity to achieve perfect results!

When you're at a loss for words...

The built-in microphones in many camcorders do not provide the required audio quality. As a result, speech in video recordings can be difficult to understand. Loud popping sounds and hissing sibilants can have a negative impact on the presentation of your videos.

It doesn't have to be this way! With the right tools you can optimize speech in a matter of minutes and bring the quality of your videos to a whole new level.

Remove mains hum

Mains hum: This is a sound that most often is only heard through the speakers of your TV or stereo, but it can have a big effect on the enjoyment of your videos.

Put an end to mains hum and rid your recordings of this irritating noise in just a few easy steps. Get more out of your videos!

Say good-bye to camera noise

As a result of mechanical recording processes, many camcorders cause a hissing noise. This noise is recorded by the camera's internal microphone and will be clearly audible on your video's audio track later, which can be very irritating.

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014 has specially developed tools and presets that make it easy to remove this camera noise and restore the audio tracks in your videos.

Here is an example for a better understanding:

With the right presets and tools such as the Equalizer, DeEsser or StereoFX, you can improve the clarity of speech in your videos with just a few clicks.

The program also features help functions plus tips and tricks related to various topics such as voice recordings and audio restoration.

Designed for your senses

Touch-optimized control

A feel for the details: The new user interface includes numerous touch elements making video sound editing more comfortable than ever before.

Touch and sweep to control the effect selection and the intensity –
it's video sound optimization at your fingertips!

Redesigned Interface

A whole new look: The new user interface enables fast and convenient control of all the relevant functions and effects for optimizing your video sound.

The new design of Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014 offers numerous visual improvements and a better workflow including touchscreen support. The end result: Amazing sound for your videos!

Now fully automated: The Video Sound Optimizer

An expert in all fields

The Video Sound Optimizer automatically calculates the right sound settings for the audio material.

Sound distortion due to the room acoustics, difficult to understand speech or annoying background, wind and rumbling noise – the Video Sound Optimizer can find the solution.

For studio quality music

Maximum sound quality with minimum effort. With the click of a button the Video Sound Optimizer finds exactly the right sound for the music in your video recordings. A process that normally requires years of audio mixing experience can now be achieved easily thanks to professional algorithms.

Just one click is all it takes to enjoy a band's live performance in studio quality.

Brilliant sound right down to the finest detail: Your speech recordings

Make sure your big speech sounds just as good on video: The Video Sound Optimizer can help you find exactly the right sound fully automatically.

Try it out for yourself. In a matter of seconds your recordings will go from sounding good to sounding "great".

Perfect sound for your videos

For impressive soundscapes

You don't have to be a professional to achieve crystal clear sound in your video productions. And the best part is, you don't need any expensive audio equipment to do it.

That's because MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014 enables you to optimize the sound in your videos in just a few simple steps and digital ProAudio quality – brilliant, crystal clear and free of annoying noise!

Amazing effects that will leave a lasting impression
on your audience.

The bride says "Yes" and your viewers say "Wow!". Use the various reverb effects to simulate different rooms, e.g. make that big "yes" even more romantic by applying the reverb from an Italian cathedral. And there are many more audio effects that can add a whole new dimension to your home movies.

In fact, Video Sound Cleaning Lab has so many options for enhancing your audio material that you can create various versions of your videos, e.g. a "Director's Cut" or a "Special Edition".

Give it a try, your audience will love it!

Practical: Overview tracks & Preview monitor

The big picture: The Preview Monitor

The preview monitor is the perfect tool for monitoring whether image and sound are in sync and cuts made in the audio track still correspond to the right scenes in the video.

Perfection in every scene: The preview monitor can be resized and repositioned on the screen. This means you can can work on two monitors simultaneously and check all of the added effects and commentary down to the finest detail.

An eye for detail: The Overview Track

It can often be difficult to keep track of large and complex video projects.
All of the various areas that have to be individually edited can make the work tedious and hard to follow.

This is where the overview track comes in handy. It makes it easy to navigate through long audio tracks and to jump to different positions in the project without losing track.

Easily export & use in other projects

The export expert

Sometimes video editing has to be done quickly. Save time and easily transfer projects from other MAGIX programs such as Movie Edit Pro to Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014 for further editing.

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014 also supports all standard audio and video formats and enables you to easily and conveniently export new video sound tracks in the highest possible quality.

PLUS! Professional exporting of MPEG-2 and DV-AVI thanks to Smart Rendering

List of supported file formats

Compatible with various video editing programs

And... "Cut!": Transfer your results from MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014 as an audio track into any other video editing software.

All standard audio and video formats are fully supported – make all of your video projects the absolute best they can be!

Direct contact with experts – The Multimedia Community

The direct connection to the "" Multimedia Community makes it easy to find detailed information on how to solve any problems you might have. Simply write your question in the program and upload it directly. You won't have to wait long for the answer!

At you'll find information and even complete workshops created by other users and experts about formats, editing techniques, special effects and much more. Share your knowledge and discuss your experiences with other users

From pros – For everyone

Using your free online account you can upload your work directly to and discuss production tips & tricks.

And that's not all.
If you want to learn more about new features that may be available for your video or audio software, or even if you want to make suggestions about new features yourself, just visit our discussion groups and get tips from experts!

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014

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