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MAGIX Music MakerMAGIX Music Maker

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Music Maker

Introductory video

Welcome to MAGIX Music Maker 2016! This video will provide you with an easy introduction to the world of digital music production and get you familiar with some of the basic functions of the program.

MAGIX Audio Remote

Control the virtual instruments in Music Maker using your smartphone or tablet.

Download the free MAGIX Audio Remote app for your device.

Mouse tools

Get a quick overview of the various mouse functions and how they can be applied. You'll see how audio objects can be adjusted with just a few clicks.

Object editing

Find out how to edit audio objects quickly and easily. Here we'll show you how to adjust audio objects to fit any project with just a few clicks.


Robota is a 4-track virtual analog drum synthesizer that you can use to make amazing beats and drum loops. You can even automate the sliders and add your own samples for almost limitless variation in your productions.

Surround Sound

Here is a short introduction to working with Surround Sound in MAGIX Music Maker. Find out more about how to move audio objects around in space.

Object microscope

This handy feature enables you to edit audio objects incredibly precisely right down to the finest detail.

Loop Designer

Create your own drum patterns and bass lines easily and intuitively with the Loop Designer. Find out more about the various features and controls for this plugin.

Beatbox 2

Another alternative for creating your own beats and loops is the amazing Beatbox 2. Choose from a wide variety of options and develop your own unique grooves with just a few clicks.

Revolta 2

The Revolta 2 synthesizer offers a huge range of possibilities for creating your own unique sounds. Find out how you can make your own melodies and bass sounds.

Vita Solo Instruments

Vita Solo Instruments are virtual software instruments, each specially designed to emulate a specific type of instrument. Find out how to load instruments, adjust them to your needs and play your own melodies.