Check out these helpful tutorials to learn more about the basics of MUSIC MAKER or to deepen your knowledge on specific features. You will also get plenty of fresh inspiration for your productions. 

How to make a track with Soundpools

Build your first song via drag & drop! What are Soundpools and where do I find them in MUSIC MAKER? How do I use loops and samples to create a track with just a few clicks? Jonas, our expert for sound & production, has all useful answers.

Using Software Instruments

Software instruments are a great way to add some flavor to your songs. MUSIC MAKER comes with a wide selection of different VSTs such as guitar, bass, drums or synthesizers. Find out how to use them in your productions. 

Working with MIDI

MIDI allows computers, musical instruments and other hardware to communicate. MIDI lets you easily tweak the melodies and drum sounds of your track. See how you can edit MIDI individual notes and create tracks in the process. 

Using track effects

Ever wondered how to level up your MUSIC MAKER productions with effects? This tutorial explores track effects such as reverb, delay or EQ and gives you tips on how to use them. 

Arranging your songs

This tutorial takes you through the basics of arranging your tracks in MUSIC MAKER. See our expert for sound & production Jonas create a Hip Hop beat in preparation for a recording session.

Mixing your songs

A good mix makes your track sound balanced so that every element contributes to the impact of your creative idea. This tutorial shows you how the ABC of mixing in MUSIC MAKER. Find out how to find the perfect volume level for each track, plus how to add effects to single tracks or certain groups to make them blend together. 

How to make recordings

This tutorial explains how you can enhance your songs with your own recordings. This time, Jonas decided to work on a rock song, using great-sounding drum, bass and organ sample loops as his backing track.  

Note: In order to hear your instrument while recording make sure to select "ASIO" drivers and that the monitoring option is checked in the Audio Settings dialog (next to the Record button). 

How to use a compressor

Find out how to use a compressor in your MUSIC MAKER productions. Jonas explains all the basics of how a compressor works.

Hybrid Keys: Setup & Overview

Discover another great new instrument that comes bundled with MUSIC MAKER 2024 Premium. Hybrid Keys by Native Instruments is a keyboard instrument that blends sampled pianos, synthesizers, mallets and more. You can add creative effects to produce completely new sounds. 

Ozone Elements: Setup & Overview

Discover a powerful plugin that comes bundled with MUSIC MAKER 2024 PREMIUM and learn how to install it. OZONE ELEMENTS is the essential tool that helps you put the final touch to your mixes. Use it to easily master your own music.