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Video easy

Introductory video

In our introductory video, we will show you the most important functions of MAGIX Video easy: program start, the interface as well as importing, editing and finishing videos.

Importing videos from a camera

We import video material from a connected HDV camera, AVCHD camera and an analog camcorder into MAGIX Video easy.

Video editing

In this clip we will show you how you can edit your videos with MAGIX Video easy in no time.

Video effects

Here we will show you just how easy perfect image optimization and creative effect editing are with MAGIX Video easy.


Videos often need titles, such as explanatory subtitles or closing credits. In this video, we explain how it works.

Audio Dubbing

You will find out how to record audio and add background music and separately recorded spoken commentary to your video's audio track.


We will show you how you can use various types of transitions to go from one video clip to another.

Finishing the movie

This clip shows how you can export videos as files, transfer them to your Smartphone, burn to DVD or Blue Ray disc or upload to the Internet using MAGIX Video easy.