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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 
2016 PremiumMAGIX Movie Edit Pro 
2016 Premium
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 Premium

For high-quality video projects.

Movie Edit Pro 2016 Premium combines all the new features of the Plus version with a unique selection of features from the world's best effects packages. The program lets advanced users turn even complex video project ideas into reality.

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  • Install the software and get started
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
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Your ticket to professional video editing.

The Premium version offers true creative freedom with features such as fully automatic image stabilization, rapid CMOS correction and the comprehensive NewBlue ActionCam Package. Create videos that stay with your audience.

The highest standards in video editing.

Freedom to arrange

Take advantage of true creative freedom with 99 freely configurable tracks for editing demanding video projects.

Add skillful touches

Give your videos a special touch with special effects, transitions and intro/outro animations.

Perfect sound

Easily remove noise and automatically adjust loudness levels.

The most important features

The most important features:

  • Includes NewBlue Titler EX and NewBlue ActionCam Package (a total value of $298*)
  • Includes proDAD Mercalli V4 (a value of $249*)
  • Faster workflows thanks to 64-bit performance
  • Precise video editing on up to 99 tracks
  • Proxy editing feature for smooth 4K & HD video editing
  • Multicam editing for footage recorded on 4 cameras simultaneously
  • Modify individual hues to the smallest detail with secondary color correction
  • Creative design: Special effects, transitions, intros/outros, etc.
  • Wireless data transfer with Movie Edit Touch for tablets
  • Direct upload to, e.g. still frames from videos

* Manufacturer's RRP

Premium highlights:

Goodbye fisheye

proDAD Mercalli V4 provides perfect image stabilization and CMOS correction, letting you focus on what matters most when filming.

NewBlue ActionCam Package

Effects such as auto contrast, Bleach Bypass, lens correction, RGB movement and hue adjustment provide for brilliant colors and vibrant images.

New in this version:

Right in the middle of the action

Perfectly arranged from every angle: Movie Edit Pro 2016 Premium is the first editing program to support 360° editing for videos made with panorama cameras.

Never lose track of anything

Improved object tracking lets you follow objects even more precisely. Pin text to objects, place black rectangles in front of faces and blur out license plates.

Even more action

Take advantage of automatic video editing, 25 customizable templates and effects made specifically for action-packed footage.

Configurable effect transitions

Configurable effect transitions

20 extraordinary transitions, including blur features.

Watch video

Modern title templates

Modern title templates

Brand new templates sorted according to opening/closing credits, subtitles and captions.

Beat-based video editing

Beat-based video editing

Edit your videos to fit the beat of the music.

Watch video

Support for the latest cameras

Support for the latest cameras

Compatible with new video formats, such as HEVC** and XAVC S.

H.264 hardware acceleration

H.264 hardware acceleration

Enjoy faster import and smooth playback.

New snap markers

New snap markers

Trimming, moving and synchronizing objects is now even easier.

More great features:

New titles

New titles

NewBlue Titler EX is the perfect tool for easily creating dynamic Hollywood-style titles, captions and rolling credits right within Movie Edit Pro 2016 Premium.

Choose from a wide selection of presets, move titles in three-dimensional space or animate them using keyframes.

Proxy video editing
Proxy video editing

Edit 4K & HD footage as easily as DV footage.

High Dynamic Range
High Dynamic Range

Easily optimize poorly lit footage.

Secondary color correction
Secondary color correction

Modify individual hues down to the smallest detail.

Multicam editing
Multicam editing

Edit up to four camera positions at the same time.

On-the-go editing

On-the-go editing

Thanks to the free Movie Edit Touch app for Windows and Android tablets, you don't have to wait until you're home to edit your videos. Get started right away, whether you're on vacation, at a family party or an event.

Then wirelessly transfer your project to MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 Premium for further editing at home.

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Android version | Windows version

Online tutorial videos

The free tutorial videos from MAGIX provide you with an initial look at various MAGIX programs.

You'll learn quickly and easily how to use the most important features in order to bring your own projects to life.

What the press has to say (US) - 04/15 (US) - 04/15

"[...] one of the best video editing applications available today."

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2015 Plus


You require a 64-bit version of one the following operating systems:

Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 7

All MAGIX programs are developed with user-friendliness in mind so that all the basic features run smoothly and can be fully controlled, even on low-performance computers. The technical data for your computer can be found in the control panel of your operating system.

Some advanced program features demand more of your computer's processing power. To get the most from these features, your system should at least meet the recommended requirements. The technical data for your computer can be found in the control panel of your operating system.



2.4 GHz


Quad-core processor with 2.8 GHz or better



2 GB


8 GB

Graphics card


Onboard, minimum resolution 1280 x 768


Dedicated, at least 512 MB VRAM

Hard drive space


2 GB for program installation

System requirements for 3D editing

  • Red/cyan glasses required for anaglyph 3D display.
  • A special monitor is needed for viewing with polarized filter glasses.
  • A 120 Hz monitor or a projector, as well as compatible shutter glasses and graphics card, are required for shutter playback.

Internet connection: Required for registering and validating the program, as well as for some program features. Program requires registration.

Note: NewBlue ActionCam Package require an OpenGL 2.1-compatible graphics card with at least 256 MB of VRAM. Intel HD is not supported. proDAD Mercalli V4 requires at least 4 GB of RAM.

*** Recommended configuration for 4K/HD editing


  Import Export


  Import Export
Surround Sound/5.1


  Import Export


  Import Export
Blu-Ray disc
AVCHD disc

Note: MP3 export requires the installation of Windows Media Player version 10 or higher.
** HEVC requires a fee-based initial activation.

FireWire interface

for use with DV/HDV camcorders

USB interface

for use with HD camcorders, cameras, hard disk recorders, and webcams

Video, TV or graphics cards with video input

for digitizing analog sources

Optical drives

Blu-ray, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD RAM or CD-R/RW burners

MX stands for Media-X-change – the fast exchange of media with other MAGIX programs, online services and mobile devices.

Easily transfer your video data to the following programs and services from MAGIX:

Sound optimization

Transfer your edited videos to MAGIX Music Maker or Video Sound Cleaning Lab.

These programs also allow you to:

  • Create your own soundtracks and remove noise
Always with you, no matter where you go

Easily export your movies and videos to mobile storage devices with the Export Wizard.

  • Transfer to current smartphones
  • Watch on your TV via SD card
Share worldwide

Upload your projects to MAGIX Online Album in a matter of clicks.

  • Upload to YouTube and Vimeo
  • Post on Facebook and share with friends

The Movie Edit Pro 2016 Family

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016

Simple controls, tons of templates and helpful program Wizards for image and sound allow you to get professional results with ease.

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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus

More features, more variety: 360° editing, comprehensive action cam support, beat-based editing, accurate object tracking, and much more.

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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 Premium
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 Premium

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 Premium

Combines all the features of the Plus version with a unique selection of the world's best effects packages.

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