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Xara Web Designer Premium

Take control of your website design

What you see is what you get

Simply drag & drop text and images anywhere you want. What you see on the screen will be exactly as it appears online.

No programming skills required

You don't have to know HTML or any other programming languages to create or maintain your website. Xara Web Designer Premium takes care of everything for you.

Total design freedom

Make changes to all the objects on your website. Change the color, form, behavior and position of anything you want.

Professional, license-free website templates

Professional, license-free website templates

Each template contains all elements you need to create a web page: Navigations, graphics as well as various images.

All elements in the templates can be edited, deleted or exchanged. Create your own professional web site in just a short time.

Industry-specific website templates

In addition to standard templates, you will also get website templates, specifically optimized for various industries, such as real estate and cafes. Templates that were fee-based before are now included for free.

More than 3,000 graphic elements

The program offers over 3,000 fully customizable, license-free design elements such as buttons, clipart, decorative elements and more.

Online catalog for templates, images and graphics

In Xara Web Designer Premium you can search the easy online catalog for contents and designs for your website.

Modern web design

Access your website on any device
Access your website on any device

Optimize your website's look for different devices and displays. Xara Web Designer Premium allows you to create different designs for different devices. These designs are then automatically displayed according to the device being used.

Since the website is adjusted manually, you’ll always have complete control over the design and content for every version (i.e. the ability to make the text shorter for mobile versions).

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Sticky options

Thanks to the sticky objects function, you can prevent certain elements from being moved when scrolling by affixing them to one position. For example, you can fix the navigation bar to ensure it always remain visible.

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Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling brings dynamics and depth to your website. Foreground and background optically separate from each other.

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Premade navigation menus

In order to design large websites clearly, you can easily work with fold-out navigation. Xara Web Designer Premium can automatically create these for you.

Page transitions

Make your website or presentation more exciting with special page transitions.

For example, you can make new pages fade in or implement 3D effects.

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Animation trigger and mouseover effects

With so-called object reveal effects elements can be faded in animations, as soon as the corresponding area becomes visible in the browser.

Add dynamics to your website with mouseover effects such as magnification, wobbling or object rotation.

Razor-sharp on all displays

In Xara Web Designer Premium you can create a hi-res version of your site in addition to a standard one.

This way, your website will be ultra sharp on hi-res displays as well.

Full screen objects
Full screen objects

Define your images as fullscreen to automatically expand to fill the visitor's browser.

Decorative website backgrounds
Decorative website backgrounds

Fill the white space behind the web page with life: Add patterns, textures and photos and let your website amaze viewers, also on big screens.

Customized favicons
Customized favicons

Design your own website icons and make your homepage stand out from the crowd! These appear in the address line, as well as in the browser's bookmark and favorites list.

Panorama website
Panorama website

Open a new dimension to your visitors with a horizontally scrollable website by creating a photo site similar to a gallery visit, or present your drawings like in museum stroll.

One-page web design

Follow the trend in web design and automatically create a modern one-page website from your multi-page site. This way, your visitors won't have to jump back and forth, and you can tell a better story.

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Earn money with your website

Make your website search engines friendly

Use the Xara Web Designer Premium expanded functions for search engine optimization of your Internet presence.

That way, your site can then be easily found on search engines such as Google or Bing.

Advertising on your website

With this Google AdSense widget, you can display Google ads on your website.

When users click on the ads, you earn money.

Web statistics

Find out how many visitors came to your website and which content was viewed the most.

The statistics help you adjust your website to your visitors' needs.


Interactive photo galleries
Interactive photo galleries

Display your photos in online galleries or as interactive photo presentations.

Simply choose from a vast selection of presets and add your own photos.

HD Video Player

Show your videos online in brilliant HD resolution. You can embed your clips into any website with just a few clicks.

Xara Web Designer Premium uses modern HTML5 web technology for embedding.


You can easily create website animations with Xara Web Designer Premium, be it animated banners or interactive buttons.

Music player

You can also embed music into your website! To do so, simply drag the music file onto your site.

Adding sound to your web page is that easy.

Image, graphic and text functions

Optimizing images

Adjust the colors, contrast and brightness of your photos directly in the program. You won't need any other software.

Creating graphics

Create logos, buttons, etc. for your web page or simply use one of the many templates.

3D effects

Using the integrated 3D tool you can create impressive three-dimensional objects in realtime from text, graphics and shapes.

Smart Shapes

Smart shapes are special forms, such as Smart Charts, e.g. diagrams. They can be easily adjusted by inserting new values.

Smart Shapes can also be edited using handles. This way you can intuitively change parts of the shape, such as the angle and length.

More than 600 fonts
More than 600 fonts

In Xara Web Designer Premium you can choose between more than 600 fonts for your website. Even unusual fonts can now be correctly displayed in any browser.

Flowing text and shapes
Flowing text and shapes

Text can flow around graphics and images or smoothly fit inside these. It's easy to make text go around in a circle, for example.


Webspace and domain*

Together with Xara Web Designer Premium you get:

  • 2,000 MB of webspace
  • 1 domain name
Collaborative online editing

Easily make changes to text and images in your browser. With Online Designer you can work together with others from any device and anywhere.

Password protection for your website

Protect your web site with a password and determine who has access to its contents. Simply upload your website to Xara Online.

Widgets – useful extensions

Adding widgets like Facebook "Like" Buttons, Google Maps, YouTube and Twitter is easy.

Secure uploading

Upload your encrypted website to the web. With SFTP, your data is safe from attacks and manipulations during upload.

* The offer includes one domain with one of the following endings: .com, .de, .net, .org, .at, .be, .biz, .ch,, .es, .eu, .fr, .info, .it, .name, .nl. After the contract is terminated, you may continue to use the domain(s) according to the applicable conditions (special offers are excluded). The offer is limited to a duration of 12 months and is renewed automatically if not terminated 8 weeks before the end of duration. General terms and conditions of The Xara Group Ltd., which can be found on The payment for the total amount is made at the time the contract is signed, and thereafter each time it is extended.