Intuitive Video Editing with Professional Tools – MAGIX Releases the New Video Pro X14

Intuitive video editing with professional tools is easier than ever with the brand-new version of MAGIX Video Pro X14.


Produce high-quality videos quickly and easily thanks to innovative workflows and professional tools. Video Pro X14 provides everything you need for professional-level video editing – from open-format timelines and 8K UltraHD support to content and effects to DVD and BluRay authoring. 


Enjoy Intuitive Workflows Thanks to an Open-Format Timeline and Professional Editing Tools

Open-format timeline with multimedia tracks: All file formats, no matter whether video or audio, can be arranged across any track as desired and a video's picture and sound content is no longer automatically separated. Additionally, the software contains high-quality, professional tools, including nested sequences, a variety of LUTs, sample-accurate audio editing, 3-way color correction, and keyframe animation with Bézier curves, all of which allow for professional editing.


Integrated State-of-the-Art Technology with INFUSION Engine 3, Intel Hyper Encode and 8K UltraHD Support

Video Pro X14 features the latest technology. The INFUSION Engine 3 brings Video Pro X14's performance to a whole new level. The program now supports GPU project rendering and export. This means, the INFUSION Engine 3 enables a seamless GPU workflow for the latest graphics cards by Intel, NVIDIA and AMD. In addition to ultra-smooth playback even for complex projects, the engine also offers accelerated export for AVC and HEVC formats. Video Pro X14 is fully designed for high-definition video footage. AVC and HEVC videos can even be played in real time and without time-consuming preview rendering in 8K UltraHD.Moreover, the workflow is configured for HDR color space, allowing visibility of the finest color nuances as well as for ultra-precise color correction.


Content & Effects – MAGIX Travel Maps, MAGIX Content and Integrated Access to the In-App Store

The video editing software Video Pro X14 particularly stands out with its vast selection of creative content, such as MAGIX Travel Maps, MAGIX Content, 1,500 articles of free creative content, and integrated access to the In-App store.

The MAGIX Travel Maps is one of the most popular features in Video Pro X and is being developed further continuously with user feedback. In the new version, it is possible to create automated intros for travel routes. From a greater distance and customizable angle, the virtual camera for fly-in animations can be travel to the starting point you desire. GPX files from GPS trackers or online route services can be imported directly into MAGIX Travel Maps.A detailed route for a travel route animation can be automatically created using the imported files.

The subscription version of Video Pro X14 includes access to the stock footage platform MAGIX Content powered by Storyblocks. The media library includes over one million royalty-free files, which can easily be embedded and published in any project on any platform – whether for YouTube videos, social media content, or commercial formats. The stock footage may be downloaded and stored locally on a user's PC, so that it can be accessed and used anytime independently from your plan. Video Pro X users may download 20 files of their choice per month from Music, Sound effects, Stock footage or Animation categories.


Prices and Links

Video Pro X14 is available starting from $ 9.99 per month or for $ 299.00 as a perpetual license at the following link:


Highlights and New Features at a Glance

  • Time-saving professional editing tools including 3-point edits
  • Multi-track & multi-format timeline, including nested sequences
  • Professional color grading with 3-way color correction, HDR color spaces, LUTs & curves
  • 1,500 creative content, HDR/blur, and shot match
  • Multicam editing for up to 9 cameras including direction monitor
  • HiDPI supported user interface for 4K displays
  • 8K UHD-2 workflow with 360 degree editing
  • VEGAS video stabilization
  • INFUSION Engine 3: Hardware support for the latest GPUs by Intel, NVIDIA and AMD
  • Multi-GPU support: Use multiple graphics cards simultaneously
  • NEW! Optimized Intel® Hyper Encode technology
  • NEW! MAGIX Travel Maps: Create custom travel route animations
  • NEW! High-speed timeline offers the perfect setup for large-scale video projects
  • NEW! NewBlue TotalFX – MAGIX Edition: Around 100 effects plug-ins