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For more MIDI in each note

What does MIDI polyphonic expression add to the daily studio experience?

Saving Time By Mastering With Automation-Based Plug-Ins

Let the algorithms do your job? Not quite. But they could lend you a hand. When mastering with a new breed of plug-ins.

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Alan Silverman - Loudness in the Age of Music Streaming

Watch Alan Silverman's presentation on The Future of Mastering: Loudness in the Age of Music Streaming.

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Artist Interview: Oleksa Lozowchuk

The creative process behind the "Dead Rising" video game OST, the democratization of music production and the relationship between pop and classical music.

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Vocal Editing: brilliance with a vocals exciter

Add brilliance to your vocals with a vocals exciter effect! Check out our tutorial and find out how it's done.

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Which microphone for which purpose?

Not all mics are created equal - Which microphone do I need for which purpose? Here's an overview of the different types of microphones.

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Photostory Premium VR: New VR software from MAGIX

Bring your slideshows into a new era and the new innovative technology straight into your living room with the possibilities of Photostory VR.

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Brand new: SOUND FORGE Pro 12

Learn about the new features, improvements and highlights in the latest version of the sophisticated audio editor SOUND FORGE Pro.

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