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Saving Time By Mastering With Automation-Based Plug-Ins

Let the algorithms do your job? Not quite. But they could lend you a hand. When mastering with a new breed of plug-ins.

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When Separation and Division are good things

Author and musician Craig Anderton explains how the STEM MAKER by zynaptiq in ACID Pro Next works and what you need to know about audio separation.

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Alan Silverman - Loudness in the Age of Music Streaming

Watch Alan Silverman's presentation on The Future of Mastering: Loudness in the Age of Music Streaming.

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Artist Interview: Oleksa Lozowchuk

The creative process behind the "Dead Rising" video game OST, the democratization of music production and the relationship between pop and classical music.

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Brand new: SOUND FORGE Pro 12

Learn about the new features, improvements and highlights in the latest version of the sophisticated audio editor SOUND FORGE Pro.

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