The Must-Have Music Software for Beginners is Here!

MAGIX Software GmbH announces the release of MUSIC MAKER 2025 PREMIUM.


MAGIX Software GmbH announces the release of MUSIC MAKER 2025 PREMIUM. The latest version of the widely popular music software for beginners and advanced users offers a variety of innovative features, a completely revamped effects workflow, and a wide selection of Soundpools from all genres. As an easy-to-use DAW, MUSIC MAKER enables music enthusiasts and aspiring producers to create professionally sounding songs and beats using a loop-based system via drag & drop — no prior knowledge required. 


REVOLUTIONIZED EFFECTS WORKFLOW: MAGIX has responded to user feedback and completely revamped one of the most used features in MUSIC MAKER — the application of effects. The newly developed Effects Rack is intuitive and significantly simplifies workflows. In the new version, effects can be easily arranged via drag & drop, giving music producers full control over their effect chains and allowing them to customize the order of effects with just a few clicks. This overhauled workflow enables users to switch effects on and off, change between various presets, and toggle between Track and Object Mode. 

CUSTOM EFFECTS: MUSIC MAKER 2025 PREMIUM introduces 35 Custom Effects that reduce complexity and focus on essential parameters. These newly designed interfaces make it easier for beginners to use effects and for advanced users to make quick adjustments. Custom Effects are available for the wizardFX and essentialFX suites, a selection of coreFX and colorFX, and for the newly developed Multimode Filter and 3-Band EQ plug-ins. 

REDESIGNED USER INTERFACE: The new Effects Rack is now slimmer and more user-friendly. Menus are easier to understand and organized into clear categories. Individual effects can be easily deactivated or completely removed. Switching between Track and Object Effects is possible with just one click, and custom effects allow for quick preset changes. Additionally, the in-app store and start screen have been redesigned to be more compact, clearer, and more intuitive. 

A WEALTH OF AUDIO CONTENT: MUSIC MAKER 2025 PREMIUM includes 20 Soundpools, 7 virtual instruments, 2 powerful partner plug-ins, and 42 effects. The In-App Store now features a wishlist function and offers users many additional content options, such as ACID Loops. For even more content, the MUSIC MAKER 2025 ULTIMATE edition offers 5 additional Vita instruments, a comprehensive Soundpool bundle, plus 4 more effects. 

PROFESSIONAL TOOLS INCLUDED: The new version includes professional mixing and mastering tools such as iZotope Ozone Elements 11, the new Multimode Filter, and the 3-Band EQ. These tools offer extensive editing capabilities and make fine-tuning tracks significantly easier. 

HARDWARE SUPPORT: MUSIC MAKER supports seamless integration of numerous external hardware devices and controllers, from effects to popular synthesizers. 

Further Information about the New MUSIC MAKER: 

MAGIX continues its strategy of simplifying its product range and lowering entry barriers for its customers. The ever-growing feature set of MUSIC MAKER PREMIUM will now be available to beginners, who previously used the smaller MUSIC MAKER FREE. This is achieved through four key measures: 

  • MUSIC MAKER FREE will be discontinued with the current release.
  • Users can now test MUSIC MAKER PREMIUM, with a significantly larger feature set for free for 30 days in a trial version.
  • The price point of MUSIC MAKER PREMIUM has been significantly reduced to minimize entry barriers and make the software financially accessible for beginners.
  • MAGIX continues to update and expand tutorials and onboarding journeys for MUSIC MAKER users to facilitate easier entry.
  • The development cycles for MUSIC MAKER will change significantly in the coming fiscal year, allowing users to benefit from free updates and new developments throughout the year.
  • The popular MUSIC MAKER ULTIMATE will be available in three editions next year (Volume 1 to Volume 3, each in a four-month rotation), with varying content in each bundle.
  • Feedback from educational institutions has also been taken on board: MUSIC MAKER can now be used in schools via an NLM license. Network installation allows multiple workstations in a network to be managed with a single activation, eliminating the need for individual program activation. 


- NEW! Effects Rack with Drag & Drop 

- NEW! 35 easy-to-use custom effects 

- 20 free soundpools 

- 42 effects and 7 instruments included 

- Plug-ins from Native Instruments and iZotope 




  EUR 49.99 (perpetual) / EUR 39.99 (upgrade) 

  USD 49.99 (perpetual) / USD 39.99 (upgrade) 

  GBP 49.99 (perpetual) / GBP 39.99 (upgrade) 


- MUSIC MAKER 2025 Ultimate: 

Includes all PREMIUM features & content, Vandal Virtual Guitar Amplifier, 5 Vita instruments, 14 GB soundpool bundle 

  EUR 99.99 (perpetual) / EUR 89.99 (upgrade) 

  USD 99.99 (perpetual) / USD 89.99 (upgrade) 

  GBP 99.99 (perpetual) / GBP 89.99 (upgrade) 

  - MUSIC MAKER 2025 Unlimited: 

Subscription includes all PREMIUM features & content, monthly cancellation after 1 year, 350+ GB samples in premium quality, 650+ soundpools in 40+ genres 

  EUR 139 (perpetual) / EUR 129 (upgrade) 

  USD 139 (perpetual) / USD 129 (upgrade) 

  GBP 139 (perpetual) / GBP 129 (upgrade) 


- MUSIC MAKER 2025 Education NLM License for Schools: 

  EUR 24.99 (perpetual) 

  USD 24.99 (perpetual) 

  GBP 21.99 (perpetual) 

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