Xara Page & Layout Designer 9

From business cards to logos: Design your own using professional templates


MAGIX presents the new Xara Page & Layout Designer 9. Design your own professional graphics using a range of license-free templates, ideal for all creating everything from business cards to logos. Templates can be freely customized to create your own look, and no prior knowledge is necessary! The program is intuitive to use and allows you to accomplish your goals quickly and easily.

Use Xara Page & Layout Designer 9 to create professional business cards, flyers, posters, brochures and lots more. You can even use it to design logos including shadows, transparency, color gradients and 3D effects.

The new version also works like a word processor and adjusts line spacing and height. This allows formatting used in headers, text and footnotes to be customized and applied to other content. What's more Xara Page & Layout Designer 9 can make text automatically flow around shapes. Another new feature is the ability to mark elements as live object copies. This means that any selected elements will appear in the place on every page and adopt changes automatically. The program also includes direct access to Google Fonts for massive range of styles as well as a multilingual spell checking tool.
Magic Snap is another highlight. "Snap lines" show you the corner points of existing objects and the center of the page when placing your content, allowing you to align objects perfectly.

On top of that photos can be optimized using brightness, contrast and color to achieve perfect results. When you're satisfied your designs are ready for printing CMYK, HSV and Pantone color systems will guarantee color fidelity.

Highlights of the new version:

  • Professional, license-free design template sets
  • Create your own logos with shadows, transparency effects, gradients, and 3D effects
  • Advanced options for text layout, text style, multilingual spell checking
  • Elegant layouts with flowing text around shapes
  • Larger selection of fonts in the Google Fonts Library
  • Quickly arrange objects with Magic Snap
  • Image optimization for brilliant photos, e.g. brightness, contrast, color
  • Support for printing with CMYK, HSV, and Pantone color systems
  • More secure data exchange with PDF/X support
  • All relevant formats are supported
  • Direct links to social media, e.g. Facebook

Xara Page & Layout Designer 9 is available online for £69.99 and in stores from September 15.