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Music Maker Jam – Connect with Music™

The free app Music Maker Jam for Android, Windows 8 and
iPad is easy to use and super fun – making music is a blast!

Program Interface: Android, Windows 8 and iPad

Create your own song in just a few steps!

The loops from various musical genres allow you to create your own song in an instant.

The professionally produced loops can be combined with each other to make your own new favorite song.

The app comes with four free music styles. Three styles can be chosen freely and exchanged once a month. This means you always have new material to keep your jams inspired.

Start your own jam session now!

Give your song some structure by combining the various song parts. Adjust the tempo and change the melody with your fingertips. Add amazing effects to songs in realtime. Mix songs using the 8-track mixer for a perfect sound.

The sounds are professional and sound great individually or when combined. Allowing you to stay in time with the beat and create a perfect hit yourself – live!

Jam Sessions can also be saved directly as an audio file.


  • Four free music styles – three can be chosen freely
  • Heavy Rotation: Switch styles every month for free
  • Adjust the tempo (BPM) and melody using the step sequencer
  • Add amazing effects to songs in realtime
  • Mix the songs using the 8-track mixer
  • Clear song structure thanks to the individual song parts
  • Set background images for your own tracks
  • Save your tracks and share with friends
  • Combine different music styles using the loop selector

Even more musical diversity!

Perfect your hit and give it that extra something by adding loops from other music styles.

There is a huge range of music styles available in the free app. Buy with a swipe of a finger and add it to your own track.

Making music has never been so intuitive!

Transfer projects to Music Maker 2015

You can save your jams any time you want and continue fine-tuning them later with Windows 8 and even in Music Maker 2015.

With Windows 8 you can easily import tracks on the same device from Music Maker Jam into Music Maker 2015 and enhance your productions with additional loops and instruments.