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Samplitude Pro X2: Master your ideas.

Samplitude Pro X2 offers experienced musicians, sound engineers and producers
a professional virtual studio environment for music production which combines powerful
plug-ins with high-quality instruments and intuitive work flows.

Innovative algorithms coupled with high-quality effects plug-ins allow you to bring
your ideas to life in accordance with the highest industry standards.

Samplitude Pro X2

Samplitude Pro X2

Samplitude Pro X2 is the perfect DAW for audio productions without compromises – from arranging and recording, to editing and mixing, all the way to professional mastering and authoring.

The precision Audio Engine with full bit transparency and outstanding mastering quality plug-ins make Samplitude Pro X2 one of the most powerful audio workstations.


Samplitude Pro X2 Suite

Samplitude Pro X2 Suite

Samplitude Pro X2 Suite combines the outstanding features of Samplitude Pro X2 audio workstation with a first-class add-on package.

Exclusive to this package are the Analog Modelling Suite Plus, Vandal guitar and bass amplifier, the Independence Sampler Workstation (includes a 70 GB Premium Library), as well as Loudness Metering in accordance with EBU R128/ITU-R BS.1771.


Samplitude Pro X2 in detail:

  • 100% neutral sound Hybrid Audio Engine
  • 64-bit support
  • Comparisonics waveform display
  • Track-level spectral editing
  • zPlane time stretching technology
  • Professional effects plug-ins
  • 12 virtual instruments
  • High-end mastering plug-ins