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Greenscreen with MAGIX

A "Greenscreen" is a process used in digital video editing.

Just like the name indicates, this involves a green surface that is placed in the background behind the person being filmed. A video editing program like MAGIX Movie Edit Pro enables the filmed background to be replaced by any other image. A familiar example of this technology would be TV news programs. A colored surface is placed behind the speaker that is able to be replaced via computer with an image relevant to the news item.

The process for replacing the greenscreen with any other background is called "keying". The green background that is to be removed is replaced by an "alpha channel mask" (i.e. via transparency). For the background, any image and video files (also HD video) may be added. The goal is to achieve the best keying possible. The greenscreen must also be well-lit for the best keying possible. Shadows have a negative effect on the results and should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, the person being recorded should stand several steps in front of the greenscreen to avoid casting shadows on the panel. As a digital balance, different lighting conditions may be sued for white balance. After recording is completed, the background is removed via computer with a program like MAGIX Movie Edit Pro or MAGIX Video Pro X.

Movie Edit Pro Plus Screen

From greenscreen to a personally selected background - keying

In the final stage, the transparency created by removing this particular color may be replaced with any selected background. this is achieved by placing an image or video file behind the original video. The transparent surface will now be filled with the background video. Since this process is not only limited to the background, the greenscreen offers diverse design applications for digital composition and video editing.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus

More features, more variety: 360° editing, comprehensive action cam support, beat-based editing, accurate object tracking, and much more.

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