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Audio Editing Produces Clear Results

Once you realize just how much you will be able to accomplish, beginning the audio editing process is equal parts exciting and important.

There are certain aspects of using those old records or cassettes that you may really enjoy, but these media are not nearly secure enough. The nostalgia of holding a cassette or disc in your hands comes with the ever-present danger that the songs they contain will be quickly ruined. With programs like MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab, you can secure your music and even return it to its former clarity.

There are, of course, other reasons to digitize your music. In this new age, there are almost endless possibilities for digitized music. Once music has gone through an mp3 converter, it can be shared, modified, used in other creative projects, or sampled to make your own music from old favorites. The newly crisp sounds can additionally be loaded onto DJ software or used in a recording studio. Those cassettes and LPs have so much more potential than you may have ever thought. Audio editing is a sure method to reverse the aging effects that a normal environment has on analog media. MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab employs a user-friendly and powerful array of functions to help you polish your songs. Among them, you can select from four modes: LP, cassette tape, voice, and digital. With each of these four, you are equipped with the specific tools needed to perfect each of the problems that may arise on these different media.

Samplitude Music Studio Screen

Reinvigorating Your Songs with Audio Editing

With MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab you will be at the helm each step of the way, with clear charts on which to work. Different colors will signal different frequencies, so you can detect any unwanted interruptions, like a clap or dog bark, by simple sight. Even more convenient are the helpful video tutorials that make your audio editing experience run smoothly and productively.

MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2016

MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2016

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