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Music creation software has become one of the main selling points for many new systems.

Though the music creation business has been largely dominated by users not on the PC platform, users using Windows machines are often looking for solutions that are both easy to use and inexpensive. MAGIX has been making top level audio editing and music creation software since the early 90s. First developing music software for the Amiga platform in 1994, creating the first in a long line of Music Maker programs with resounding success. Seeing that the PC platform was going to be largely dominated by the MS Windows OS, they quickly began to develop for this platform.

Audio Cleaning Lab is one of the best solutions on the market for tweaking and repairing audio files that users have access to in their libraries. Using ProAudio tools derived from some of MAGIX’s professional tools, users can import damaged, or non-optimized audio, and then quickly apply preset audio fixes, then re-export the new optimized files.

Music Maker, one of MAGX’s first consumer products has been hugely successful over the last 15 years. Using power audio drivers, Music Maker creates music with a drag and drop building block system. Soundpools that come with the program, and any support audio file types can be dropped into the build list and manipulated in the main screen.

Music Maker 2016 Screenshot

The best music is made with the best tools

Of course, Samplitude Pro and Sequoia also enables object-based working a complete in-the-box workflow and is based on a Hybrid Audio Engine. So, everything is ready to make the best songs with the best music software from MAGIX.

MAGIX Music Maker 2016

MAGIX Music Maker 2016

MAGIX Music Maker 2016 lets you make the music you've always wanted to hear. Produce your own songs using drag & drop controls. No previous experience is required at all. Get professional results and have tons of fun in the process!

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