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Some DJ Software requires that you tiresomely import your new music.

Though you may have already placed it in your music player or stored it in your music file, many programs ask you to go through the pointless task of importing it again. MAGIX Digital DJ doesn’t waste your time with that. It’s designed to sync with your other music software, giving you more freedom and time to be creative. In those hours you save, you can already begin to explore the user-friendly interface and unique functions that make this software special.

With mufin technology integrated, MAGIX Digital DJ assists you in choosing which songs to play in any set. This function solves the mystery of DJing. has always been selecting tracks with enough similarities to create a smooth transition between them. No crowd wants to be jolted out of its dancing mood by a badly placed song.

The technology analyzes any song that you load. Whether it is from a recording studio software, imported from an audio editing program, or even if it’s a product of making music yourself, the cutting-edge, embedded mufin software calculates almost everything about it. It learns it and understands it. Then it is able to show you other songs that have similarities that might not be readily available to the human ear. These similarities are, however, what makes a DJ truly spectacular. Keeping the mood flowing but the tracks changing it what disc jockeying is all about and this program is there to help you and, if you want, to teach you.

Digital DJ Screen

DJ Software that Helps You Learn

With a fully equipped digital mixing table in front of you, you will be able to adjust the levels and speed, create interesting sound effects, and tweak every small detail while your next song is waiting patiently for you. It’s not often that a DJ software manages to save you time and help you be a great DJ, but that’s why MAGIX Digital DJ is some of the best music software available.

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