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No matter whether hobby musician or pro: MAGIX has the right music production software

With the right music production software everyone can bring their musical ideas to life.

A classic in the field of audio software is MAGIX's Music Maker It was the first program that enables every user, even those without experience, to create their own song, which can then be burned to CD as an MP3 or shared online. A big advantage of the program and the quality of the songs stems from the German multimedia software specialist having its roots in the professional audio field. The Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Samplitude isn't just known amongst professional musicians.

Music Maker: clearly laid out, simple music production software

Music Production Software

It has a sterling reputation among music enthusiasts and stands out because of its ease of use and above average sound quality. This connection between the pro product Samplitude and consumer product Music Maker is also ideal for inclined users: new features whose quality is judged by professional musicians are frequently added to Samplitude. If the general reaction towards these kinds of new features is positive the developers at MAGIX decide how best to integrate them into the products for the mass market, without demanding too much of the user.

Music Maker is often the program for people getting started in music production. There is a range of sounds and sound building blocks for creating unique songs in the most popular musical styles. All you have to do is drag and drop the building blocks in the Timeline - take time to play around with this stage. Afterwards all kinds of instruments can be recorded, from electric guitars to drums, bass guitars and pianos. The initial idea is quickly given a structure and then becomes a song.

MAGIX offers so much more in the audio field: if you want to digitize some old treasures you can do so with Rescue Your Vinyl & Tapes! Problems adding songs to an MP3 player? The MP3 software, MP3 deluxe is here to help. From the Digital Audio Workstation Samplitude to the music production software for everyone, Music Maker, to the ability to convert LPs to CDs or adding MP3s to an MP3 player, MAGIX offers everything in the audio field to make the user happy.

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